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The Portal


Many updates have been made to Texas811's online ticket-entry system, The Portal. We've asked what users want and we have delivered. Enhanced features, such as, Google and Bing map overlays have been added giving users the ability to switch between views like Google aerial or Bing terrain. The new mapping feature is available for Level 2 and Level 3/Portal Plus users. Another added feature specifically for Portal Plus users is the option to plug in different reference points that will remain on the map until after the marking is complete. A reference point can be GPS coordinates, measured lines, etc.
We are always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of The Portal and value your feedback. If there is ever something you would like to suggest, please do not hesitate to reach out to someone in our Remote Applications Department b y emailing 
20th Annual Texas811 Golf Tournament
Join us at the 20th Annual Texas811 Golf Tournament. The event will be held Friday, April 21 at Bear Creek Golf Course in Dallas, TX. The registration deadline is April 14th. If you are interested in sponsoring the event or participating in the tournament please visit 

International Locate Rodeo  
The International Locate Rodeo will be held June 22-24 in the DFW area and will be hosted by Texas811. This event recognizes the profession of underground utility facility locating and demonstrates the safety, skills and on-going educational efforts associated with high-quality workmanship. Registration is now open! If you are interested in competing, volunteering and/or sponsoring this year's event please visit for more information or email or
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March 2017 Newsletter
Mike's Message

Howdy Folks!
If you missed the 2017 Texas811 Damage Prevention Summit, here's a recap for you!
In 2016, Texas811 processed nearly three million inbound tickets and sent more than 16 million outbound tickets. We began production volume on Customized Solutions, our technologically enhanced applications that allow us to provide each utility member specialized services to fit their specific needs. Texas811 also hosted the International Locate Rodeo for the first time, which was a huge success.
Strategic planning is in full force. We have been taking a hard look at our mission statement, our goals, where we think the industry will be in five years and who/what we want to be in five years. After giving it much thought, and with the help of our board, we are working to refine our basic mission into two words: WE CARE.
We care about damage prevention and safe digging for all stakeholders. We care about providing excavators with speedy and accurate service. We care about providing our utility members with all of the services they need to meet their goals, and allowing them to customize which services they receive.
We care about our members, all 1656 of you! We know that each of you is unique, with different priorities and different needs from other utilities. It is our pledge for 2017 and beyond, to provide the one-call and damage prevention services that are most important to you.
We care about reducing your damages by expanding the universe of 811 users.
We're listening to you, our members, and responding.
If there is ever anything you need that is not being satisfied, you can always contact me directly at or Chris Stovall, our EVP/COO at When I say, we care at Texas811, I mean it!
With Texas811 your damage prevention experience is being and will continue to be customized to fit your specific needs. That is our goal for 2017 and beyond! We invite all of you to join us on this journey.

Mike Losawyer
Texas811 President

Customized Solutions

Texas811 Customized Solutions are The Next Generation of Damage Prevention™. One-call and damage prevention services are moving beyond a one-size fits all solution for all utility members into customization to meet the specific needs of individual utility companies. This is a fundamental shift from the incremental improvements of the past decade.
Customized Solutions combine advanced software developed at Texas811 with a paradigm shift that goes beyond what is commonly offered in the one-call industry. Technologically advanced applications allow Texas811 to provide each utility specialized services. With these services, we become true partners in damage prevention with our utility members.
These services are available a la carte; you can even select individual codes to participate.
Services offered through Customized Solutions include the following:
Secondary Research - Advancements in mapping technology, Texas811's propriety software and specially-trained Damage Prevention Analysts allow us to zoom in on a utility's lines so precisely that we can mark a work-site clear if the utility lines are in the alley and the work is taking place in the front of the property. Texas811 can mark these tickets as "No Conflict" which can result in significant savings on locating expenses.
Update Filtering - For companies that subscribe to Update Filtering, we capture when an excavator says they are requesting an update to extend the life of the ticket, but they do not need the lines to be remarked. This gives the member an option of not going back to the work-site when the excavator says the lines are still visible and saving the associated locating expenses. The center sends excavators an email for all notifications that are cleared through Update Filtering.
Premium Positive Response - Premium Positive Response is a service that allows utility members to communicate the status of a ticket immediately with an excavator. An email will be sent to excavators on behalf of utility members to communicate the status of the locate markings, such as "Clear" or "Conflict".

That puts a wrap on this month's newsletter. If you've got an event coming up that we should give a shout out for, send an email.

Until next time, dig safe!