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May 16, 2016
Ignitia AB - Mobile Weather Forecasting 
Across sub-Saharan Africa, the land is changing. Growing seasons  have shortened, reservoirs  have emptied, and  rainfall is increasingly erratic. The effects of drought and climate change are prominent across the landscape.

In Northern Ghana, Abdul is a rice and maize farmer struggling to adapt to these changes. His livelihood depends on making the right decisions for his farm: which crops to grow, when to plant, and which fertilizers and seeds to purchase. Abdul is not alone, in fact,  60-90% of the region's laborers are farmers. These small scale farmers are responsible for feeding nearly the entire population, and they all rely on one increasingly limited resource: rain.
Ag Innovation Investment Summit
The Ag Innovation Investment Summit is approaching this June 1-3, 2016 . Over 150 guests working at the nexus of water, food and energy have already confirmed. Special guests include  Bj√∂rn Lyrvall,  the Swedish ambassador to the United States, and representatives from at least 20 social impact investment firms -- and counting.
Innovator News
  • MIT's Desal innovation  was featured in the Boston Globe's 2016 Game Changers:  Out of Boston, three innovators on a quest to provide drinkable water .
  • At the time of writing, Reel Gardening will be stocking their gardens-in-a-box at 120 new stores, including Food Lovers Market -- a major food retail outlet in South Africa, as part of their new plan to distribute 1 million boxes this year. They have also brought on seven new partners including the Nelson Mandela Foundation.
  • Conservation South Africa held an auction of Ecoranger-raised cattle, selling 86  percent  of the animals to buyers representing nearly 150 farmers. This more than doubles typical sales rates! 
  • System of Water for Agriculture Rejuvenation (SWAR) was featured in Business Today/India:  NGO builds a unique sub-surface drip irrigation system.
SWFF Updates
Industry News
  • UN Predicts 40 Percent Water Shortfall by 2030 (IPS)
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    Conservation South Africa's Ecorangers auctioned 86 percent 
    of their cattle this week to a network of over 150 farmers.