Spring is right around the corner, and if that means you are thinking of any new projects, remember to get us involved in your planning ASAP. Meeting early on with us can make sure that all electrical, plumbing, space planning, etc. will get you the end result that you desire. We work together with contractors, decorators, and other various professionals to make sure you are getting exactly what you want out of your project.
This gorgeous kitchen combines many custom features for this homeowner. As you can see, the size of the hood is quite large in order to fit their fabulous 48" Wolf range. The kitchen also features a wine fridge and wet bar with ice maker perfect for entertaining. Food prep and clean-up is easy when you have three sinks readily available in all areas of the kitchen; whether you are washing dishes or rinsing vegetables...you are set! Also note that the corner of this kitchen features an angle; this allows the homeowner additional countertop space that may otherwise be harder to access. Every kitchen we make for our clients is unique. It is always important to keep in mind how YOU plan to use the kitchen, and what items YOU need to store. Whatever it is you need, we can make that happen for you...and that's why building custom is so amazing!
 Matte countertops are becoming increasingly popular as customers are looking to create texture throughout their design. I use the word 'matte' but around the industry you will here other terms being used as well. Honed and brushed are a few, as well as leathered, which combines the matte look with an added textured appearance. A polished finish is still the most popular, and is great at helping to reflect light to give the look of a larger space. But if you are wanting to add texture and layers to your room, maybe you should consider a different finish to your tops.
Although the word 'oven' is in its name, this appliance has the microwave capabilities that many wish for. Pop your popcorn, reheat leftovers and beverages, melt butter or chocolate, and defrost frozen items.

The Wolf Speed Oven can fit a 9x13 pan and has 10 microwave power levels. It boasts being able to 'accomplish a lot, in a short amount of time.' Watch this video to see it in action and visit their website to learn even more!
You should be using rinse aid in your dishwasher to help with drying and spotting on your dishes. Some of the new dishwasher pods (such as Cascade Platinum - the one we recommend) have rinse aid inside the pod. However, you will more than likely still need to add rinse aid to your cycle. This will be a trial and error on the amount that you may need. You can adjust the level of rinse aid deposited per cycle on your dishwasher. Please see your use and care booklet on how to adjust this setting.

Cups and glasses with concave bottoms, along with plastic and Teflon items, are more difficult to dry. These items will always, more than likely, have droplets on them when your cycle is complete. If you still notice dishes not drying to your satisfaction, make sure you are using the correct setting on your dishwasher for drying time (the longest/extended drying cycle).

It could also have to do with the water feeding into your machine not getting hot enough. To help with that, run your water in your sink (if this is the same water line) til the water is at a hot level. This can help heat the water faster inside the dishwasher so that the temperature can get hot enough to evaporate and dry dishes.

Not all dishwashers are created equal. We sell ASKO and Cove , two of the best dishwashers on the market. You can learn more about these amazing products by clicking on their names.
Creating layers in any space is a great way to add interest to your design. In your kitchen for example, there are many ways to add layers. You can mix metals - think lighting, hardware, faucets, a stainless or copper hood. Countertops can vary from your island to your surrounding cabinetry and have different finishes - remember how we mentioned matte tops above? It's even more popular to incorporate wood accents for a natural element. Maybe you'd like to have two-toned cabinets, whether that is having a different island color or you could be more bold by having your lower cabinets be a different color than your uppers. We also have seen an increase in combining floating shelves into client's design. All of these things can help to elevate your space, but most importantly, they need to work together in order to be successful. If you feel like you may need help with this, we can recommend some very talented decorators that we love working with! Take a look at these amazing designs that we worked on with CR Contracting out of Owensboro which have many of these elements.
"Pete and I wish to send you a sincere “Thank you” for your contribution in the creation of Duck River Lodge. Along with your team, your exceptional guidance and craftsmanship far exceeded our expectations. You are not only extremely professional and a pleasure to work with, you have an incredible eye for detail! And now that the dust has settled (literally) and we can step back and see our creation, it is clear that the choice to call on you and your company (with our decorator’s recommendation) was by far, one of the best decisions we ever made! We just wanted to take the time to let you know how thankful we are for everything that you did for us."
-Pete and Trish, Hurricane Mills, TN