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Thank God for you!
Mother in prison, absent father, heading down a path of destruction. Maybe you read Battie’s story in our last EVERY newsletter: a young teenager in the Czech Republic craving love, who found it in Jesus.

Thank God for Youth for Christ’s staff like Honza and his wife, Pavla, in the Czech Republic who have a passion for these lost young people and reach out to them with love. Thank God for you! Without your financial partnership, young people around the world like Battie would not hear the message of Jesus through Youth for Christ.

Honza said “We cannot stay inactive when we see the consequences of sin, selfishness and life without love around us.” You feel the same way, don’t you? You and I don’t have to look far to see those consequences playing out in deadly ways with our young people.

Check out these recent headlines — 
  • “More than 30 teens arrested for disrupting downtown Chicago”
  • “UK porn law won’t stop ‘determined teenagers’ from accessing material”
  • “Teenagers charged with setting fire to Shakespeare Theatre”
  • “Girls account for 9 out of 10 US teenagers killed by partner”
  • “One teenager killed himself. Six more followed”
We could go on and on. We don’t need to, though, because we can see the consequences of sin, selfishness and life without love in our own neighborhoods. Contrast those headlines with these pulled from our Youth for Christ outreaches around the world:

  • “From begging to Bible study”
  • “A brand new Owen”
  • “Claudia — a life transformed”
  • “Creating a home for youth in Ireland”
  • “Thousands reached with Gospel in Russia”

Again, we could go on and on (For more stories of how you are reaching young people around the world, go to , or like our Youth for Christ International Facebook page). As Honza said in the Czech Republic, when young people see someone who cares about them, they start asking why. Then we (and you through your partnership) can point them to Jesus, who transforms lives.

Will you give a gift to help reach young people this month? Your gifts make life-changing differences in young people as they come to know and follow Christ. Those of you who give regularly, we thank you.
In Him,

Dave Brereton
International Director

P.S. Let‘s change the headlines about young people around the world! Give generously so that they might be transformed through Christ.
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Your generosity ensures that lost young people have the opportunity to be followers of Jesus. You are reaching young people everywhere.