5th September 2012 

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Thank God he's gone

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Thank God he's gone.  

Here is a man that had spent years in the wilderness of opposition politics and wasted them. 

He spent every minute among faux-friends. People, who vaunted him, flaunted him and nailed him to their own agenda.... he was flattered and too vane to see.

People who saw the NHS as ripe for dismantling, companies who saw the NHS as plump for exploiting. Forces that hypnotised him into believing the NHS was better in the bits of its part, rather than the sum of its parts.

Folk who persuaded him that the private sector could take on anything but had no answer to what happens when they 
want to do it no more.

He was a fool.  Mesmerised by his own rightness, annealed to criticism and blind to common-sense. Enthral to the markets and the allure of entrepreneurs.

This man was na�ve. This man has made the Tories unelectable, untrustworthy and shmendrik. He will go down in history as the second worst secretary of state for health. Losing by a narrow margin to Patricia Hewitt.

A man who spent years learning about the NHS but never got to know it. A man who lived in a windowless world that he could not describe and we could not see into.

A man, who when younger, suffered a stroke and was poorly cared for; an experience that left him scarred with a grudge that distorted his view of an NHS that, by the time he could wreak his revenge, had improved beyond all recognition.

A man who said the NHS had to change because outcomes were poor - experts told us they were not. A man who said management costs were too high.  Academics told us they were not. A man who said the public wanted better; the polls told us they loved what they had.

A man who was a fool or a liar? We will never know. A man whose licentious view of the NHS was unchallenged by the very people who knew him to be wrong and had the power to act together but failed. A man who had more courage than his critics.

The NHS stands on the edge of bankruptcy and terminal confusion; taking refuge in the very bureaucracy it seeks to shed.  We and the public are well rid of this man but his legacy will live with our families, the old, the sick and the poor for a generation.  Thank God he's gone.    


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Another Secretary of State for Health
Hunt's arrival at health is no surprise.  
He's been taking briefs on health for several months.  A look at what he's said and published tells us a lot about Number 10, not him.  He has apparently said the NHS should be broken up so his appointment tells us Cameron is not changing policy.  
Hunt is supposed to 'sell' the NHS reforms and quieten everything down in time for the next election.
He has the look of a startled rabbit - understandable.  The NHS is running out of money, the Beast is re-bureaucratising healthcare, demand is going through the roof, there has been an exodus of experience and talent.
The private sector are realising there is no profit in providing NHS services.  Is he tough enough for the job?  He has the Francis Report to deal with and the Leverson fall-out.  I doubt he's up to it. 
He's not LaLa, he's LaLite