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The studio has been down for over a month. The recent construction all behind our house is incredibly loud. So, to combat this issue, I had to build a wall to completely enclose my control room. For those of you who previously attended House Concerts here, the one big room is now two rooms. I just got the control room set up again and ran my first tests today (3/9). Everything works. Now, all I need to do is put the rest of the two rooms back in order so I can get back to songwriting and recording. I finished the guitar tracks for 6 songs before the operation and now I’ll start working on the rest of the production for these tracks. Each song will be featured as a lyric video in upcoming newsletters. I also have a new song by Michael Wesley Stinson to work on.  Can’t wait!

The Ides of March Are Upon Us All

WOW – that sounds ominous!

There are people that are suffering and dying in Ukraine.

If only there was a song that we all could sing together that will heal the madness in the world.

Thank Goodness for modern medicine.

I will play again!


I had an operation on my left-hand last month, and it is healing nicely. My arthritis finally got the best of me, and something had to be done if I was going to continue to play guitar. The doctor removed a bone at the base of my thumb and replaced it with a tendon from my forearm. I know, it sounds bad, but the doctor tells me I’ll be like new and playing guitar in no time. What’s the old joke about being able to play golf after the operation? The patient says: That’s great! I couldn’t play golf before the operation. I’ll know more in two weeks when I start physical therapy.

Bluebonnet Weekend – RpT in Concert

& the musical Bluebonnet Road

Tickets are now on sale for the Bluebonnet Evening featuring the premier of the musical Bluebonnet Road and a return to the concert stage for Richard Paul Thomas.

Mark your calendar, consider coming for the weekend, and book your rooms at one of Salado’s fine Hotels or Bed and Breakfasts.

 I hope you will join us for an evening full of love, laughter and maybe even a dance contest.

Who knows what else will be in store?

To purchase tickets


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The story behind

Trouble Never Travels Lonesome

I find it fascinating exploring where song ideas come from. This month’s feature is a song co-written by Michael Henchman and me. Michael is an accomplished songwriter who lives in the great Northwest. This is Michael’s first time to agree to co-write with someone else. I am honored that he chose me for this song. Here are his thoughts describing where the initial idea came from.


“The song "Trouble Never Travels Lonesome" takes its inspiration from an historical fiction, "The Montana Trilogy”. These books explore the lives of the rugged Scottish settlers and sheep farmers who began arriving in northern Montana, at the eastern base of the Rocky Mountains, in the early 1900s. The trilogy was written by renowned Western writer Ivan Doig (now deceased) who grew up and worked on Montana ranches in his early years. These experiences gave him a firsthand and authentic perspective on this slice of American history. He describes glorious summers and bitter winters, determined struggles to survive, and the nascent beginnings of the U.S. Forest Service as it sought to control wildfires. The song title itself derives from a common settler phrase of the same wording, implying that trouble is always around the next corner and often makes multiple appearances.”

Michael and I worked for quite some time to try to capture the plight of a man and his family as they struggle to survive and give their homestead “just one more try”.

Hailing from the evergreen Pacific Northwest, Michael Henchman's thoughtful, imagery-rich songwriting often draws inspiration from roads less traveled that have beckoned since childhood - living across the U.S., in Europe, and many years in central Alaska - to create a contemporary sound that is at once warm and reminiscent. His music has been described as "progressive folk, mixed with redwoods, diners, grassy plains, a dash of longing, and a bit of road dust for texture." You can learn more about Michael and his music at


You may be aware that the creation of videos and recordings of my songs is not a money-making proposition. The costs for projects like this and other recordings are fully absorbed by me. Any revenue they produce doesn’t come close to covering these costs. Toward that end, I have set up a Patreon site as a place to join with friends, share my thoughts, songs, videos & lots more.


Please take a few moments to check out my Patreon site and consider subscribing. Click on the link below. Thank you!




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“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life – Music & Cats” Albert Schweitzer

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