Thank you to all of our speakers: Recovery Messengers, Policymakers, Artists, and Performers for making the day MOAR special!
Attorney General Maura Healey Speaks Up for What is Right!

Noel Sierra, Casa Esperanza,
Emcees with Gusto!
Senator John Keenan
Speaks up for Recovery!
Excellent Turn Out from
Casa Esperanza!
Thanks to Recovery Community Organizations like the Recovery Connection for support!
Voices for Recovery Marching to Faneuil Hall
Proud to be joined by leaders Monica Valdes-Lupi from BPHC and Michael Botticelli from the Grayken Center
EOHHS Secretary Marylou Sudders dawns a MOAR shirt to join the Voices for Recovery!
Mayor Walsh with Loretta from The STEPRox Recovery Center
Mental Health, Substance Use and Recovery Chairs Representative Garlick and Senator Friendman awarded for their support of recovery community!
Thank you Julia Ojeda, BSAS Recovery Support Services for Recovery Day and
Recovery services Leadership!
Woody Giessmann and the Right Turn Residentials Provide Musical Inspiration!
Mayor Walsh and Speaker Deleo received MOAR applause
MOAR Inspiration from Recovery High School Students
Speaking to the value of Recovery Coaching
MOAR Recovery Voices, Mark and Windia
Senator Brownsberger
Highlights New Criminal Justice Reform!!
Haner Hernandez organized a powerful call for racial and cultural equality!
MOAR team members big and small.
Representative Jim O'Day Highlights New Law for MAT in Prisons
Thank You to Allison Bauer, DPH-BSAS Director for Making Recovery Day Possible in Many Ways!
Representative Elizabeth Malia Announces New Funding for
5 More Recovery Centers
Artist Presentations in Quincy Market Parris Room and Recover Day
Afternoon Thank you BSAS for making this possible.
Brendan Little, Mayor's Office of Recovery Services, Speaks up for Recovery!
Thank You to BSAS for Lunch and the Afternoon Program Featuring Artists in Recovery
Pictures and Videos to come!