As week seven of the COVID-19 federal emergency comes to a close, we say “thank you."

Those two words cannot begin to convey what staff, volunteers and clients feel about you - our supportive public. You’ve provided much-needed funds, meals, pantry items, volunteer time, prayers and so much more.

We say it all the time and we mean it:
we couldn’t do it without you!

Thanks to you, our neighbors in need are getting the emergency shelter, food and rehousing they need and deserve.

While North Carolina is beginning to open up in stages, that opening makes minimal change in the number of neighbors experiencing hunger and homelessness. Even as workers begin to trickle back to work, their ability to pay past and current rent and utilities plus buy food is in jeopardy.

We worry about the approximately 600 households that became independent over the past six years after experiencing homelessness and a short-time stay in our emergency shelter. Many of these working individuals earn a below-average or even minimum wage income and have limited financial cushion.

They will need our assistance in avoiding eviction.