Dear friend, 

Thank you for your generous gift that is providing lifesaving emergency relief to Haitians who lost everything in the wake of Hurricane Matthew's devastating destruction. I am deeply grateful for your partnership at this crucial time. 

Over 1 million Haitians are in need of humanitarian assistance after their homes, livelihoods, and crops were swept away. More than a month after the hurricane left a trail of destruction, children and their families are still in urgent need of relief. Access to food, clean water, shelter, and agricultural inputs remain the most critical needs.

Because of your generosity, Heartline Ministries and our trusted partners were able to respond immediately, providing lifesaving relief where most needed.
We are reaching remote mountainous communities of Haiti's southern peninsula that have received little relief assistance and are acutely suffering. 

Together, we have helped survivors in the following ways:

Woman joyfully receiving a water filter in Nan Campeche, a rural mountain village that hadn't received aid two weeks after the hurricane.
Emergency Relief Distribution
  • Funded five large Mission Aviation Fellowship aircrafts filled with emergency food, water purification kits, tarps and other temporary shelter materials, and additional relief supplies.
  • Delivered lifesaving medicine through air drops to unreached mountain communities.
  • Provided relief supplies through a network of indigenous churches and organizations working in remote areas.

Temporary Shelter & Home Construction
  • Distributed nearly 5,000 tarps to families whose homes were destroyed and are living out in the open.
  • Rebuilt destroyed homes of Heartline Ministries employees, purchasing over $8,000 of locally sourced materials. 
  • Launched the "Haiti Housing Fund" partnership with Maxima, a Christian woodworking company based in Haiti that produces certified anti-seismic and hurricane resistant housing kits to help victims build back better. 

Training and installing a chlorinating machine at a hospital.
Cholera Prevention & Treatment
  • Equipped two cholera treatment clinics on the front lines of the epidemic with disinfecting bleach-making machines to prevent the spread of the virulent cholera bacterium. 
  • Installed proven WaterStep water treatment solutions that purify up to 10,000 gallons of water each day at a hospital, school, church, and community center in worst affected areas.

Agriculture Recovery
  • Provided quick growing seeds for 100 subsistence farmers to plant immediately in an effort to replace decimated crops with the shortest growing season.
  • Purchased $10,000 worth of fruit trees for families to replant.
  • Purchased $10,000 worth of livestock for farmers who lost productive animals they depend on for subsistence.

Our long-term recovery efforts will include rebuilding homes through the Haiti Housing Fund partnership and supporting agricultural recovery through seed distribution, restocking livestock, and replacing trees.

Thank you for standing with us as we work to protect the lives and dignity of survivors desperate for help. You have reached across the world with your financial gifts and prayerful solidarity, and for that we are deeply grateful.

With gratitude,

Troy Livesay
Director, Heartline Ministries

P.S. I invite you to connect with Heartline on Facebook to see additional updates and learn more about our ongoing work of strengthening Haitian families and preventing children from becoming orphans. 

Stewardship is of utmost importance to Heartline Ministries and we are committed to excellent financial management of the resources entrusted to us. All funds received will be used for emergency relief and long-term recovery efforts in response to Hurricane Matthew.

Thank you for your continued prayer and support of our ministry

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