Salt Lake City Corporation
For those that came to last Wednesday evening’s community conversation about parking and the 900 South reconstruction, thank you. We had a large turnout and it was wonderful to see neighborhood residents and businesses come out in force to voice their opinions, questions and concerns. We also want to thank ELPCO for co-hosting the event last Wednesday.

Thank you also to everyone who submitted comments directly to city officials, in-person, over the phone and email. Your voices were considered in our decision.

After hearing the community reaction about parking loss, the Mayor asked City staff to find additional parking spaces where feasible and would not have a significant impact on project budget or timeline. That effort reduced the parking loss from 29 spaces to 20 spaces for this project.

Minor curb line changes near intersections and driveways allowed designers to reintroduce five parallel parking spaces. These changes did not reduce the effectiveness, safety, or comfort of the improvements to the right of way. Four more parking spaces were added to the corridor by converting the six parallel parking spaces between 1000 East and Fire Station #5’s driveway to 10 angled parking spaces in the park strip, at the City’s expense.

Some local business owners suggested adding five angled parking spaces at the northwest corner of McClelland Street and 900 South. Transportation, Engineering and Public Utilities staff thoroughly analyzed that proposal and determined it would lead to a zero net gain of spaces because five parallel spaces would be lost to add the five angled parking. A canal immediately beneath the park strip and an easement on all sides of the canal prevents more angled parking spaces from being added.

Again, the City heard thoughtful comments from many perspectives. Considering the varying community opinions, we decided it was best to not delay this project, but rather move forward with it and initiate a comprehensive study. This study will include two major components. First, we will collect and analyze parking supply and demand data, consider historical and existing parking issues, and recommended community-supported parking management strategies for the 9 th & 9 th business district and surrounding neighborhood. It will also comprehensively consider the impacts of this reconstruction project and future projects on available parking in the area and help the community plan for the future. Second, we will take a broader look to evaluate parking issues along the 9 Line corridor as we work through the design process in areas where construction is planned over the course of the next few years.  

Construction on this section of 900 South will begin Thursday, May 16 or Friday, May 17. If you have any questions about the construction, please contact Eric Casperson with the City's Engineering Division at 801-535-7995 or, or Ethan Weight with Jordan Valley Construction at 801-633-2236.

Thank you for participating in this process. We heard and appreciate all of your helpful comments.


Jennifer Seelig, Ph.D.
Director of Community Empowerment
O: 801-535-7117
M: 801-558-9368