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Yep, that's what KWF is all about. We're hoping and praying for a cure. We encourage you to keep supporting the search for a cure, but we're not waiting. That's why your gifts of vacation homes and donations are going to FUN NOW! 

We're on pace to send 50 very special women and families LIVING with breast cancer on vacations in 2014, plus another 30-40 spa days, weekend get-aways, and other fun stuff. We've seen this summer that too many of our vacations have been LAST vacations.


Thankfully, most of our vacations are NOT last vacations. But we pause to remember Trisha, Katie, Julie and Patti who we lost this year. We also fondly remember Giuseppa, who in February celebrated her 10 year anniversary, renewed her wedding vows and swam with the dolphins on a special Cancun vacation. We join arms with Don and 7-year old son Joey and remember Giuseppa's smiling face and great energy. 



From Heather and family - "Let me just start by saying you have made our summer!!  This is so exciting!!  We have never been to Hilton Head, and after the difficult year we have had,  we are looking forward to going! The link you sent to the resort looks perfect for us!  Thank you SO much for choosing me to be a recipient of this trip!  I am so thankful that you and Brian have been able to connect and make plans.  One thing I have not done well since my make decisions! The added bonus of being so close to family, that we have not seen since Thanksgiving, is going to work out just great!  From the bottom of my heart, thank you!  It is truly awesome what your Foundation does for women like myself.  It will be so rewarding to relax and celebrate my one year anniversary in such a beautiful part of our country. 



We are back from our trip and winding down from a busy week at home.  I want to sincerely thank you, and the foundation for such a wonderful gift!  Words cannot explain the relief of leaving home, and heading to the beautiful south without a care in the world! The location of our trip also allowed us to stop and visit with my sister-in-law, brother-in-law, nieces and nephew that live in Vidalia, Georgia!  Due to my surgery and treatment, we have not been able to see or visit them since last November!  While my family was on the island, we took advantage of the shopping, swam at the pool and beach, visited Harbour Town and the light house,  visited historic Bluffton, and took what ended up being a private alligator tour  at the Animal Preserve. We also took a day and drove to Savannah, Georgia. We had lunch and  walked the beautiful streets of the town, ate at Paula Deen's restaurant, and finished the evening aboard a trolley on a Ghost Tour.  


One of the most special moments of the entire trip was on the evening of July 16th.  This date marked my one year anniversary of hearing the words, "You have breast cancer." The sun had gone down, and we were tired from another fun day on the island.  My husband suggested that we walk down to the beach.  The beach was mostly empty, and we had a moment with just the four of us...the breeze of the ocean...the embrace of my family...and  I just took it all in and thought about what we had all been through the year before. I felt free, and  I felt thankful that I was able to share in this moment with the three people I love most in this world!  It was so special, and I am so grateful!"


Thank you to vacation home donors,

Judy & John McAuliffe








 Karen's Gift "Forever in Bloom"

 Saturday, March 7, 2015

 Downtown Cincinnati    






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