Kim McLeod

Kim McLeod is well recognized in the CMD-IT community for her tireless work with the ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing Conference and the CMD-IT Student Professional Development Workshop. Anyone who has attended the Tapia Conference since 2014 has felt the impact of the work of Kim McLeod, CMD-IT's Director of Business Development.
Kim joined CMD-IT in 2012, whereby she worked to develop the Student Professional Development Workshops to provide students from underrepresented communities with opportunities to gain knowledge from industry representatives about effective resumes, interview skills, and building a personal brand. The Workshop is now a highlight of the Tapia Conference. Kim was critical to the success of the Tapia Conferences going to an annual basis, starting with Tapia 2014. Since that time, Kim's leadership in business development resulted in the conferences having over 135 sponsors for Tapia 2019 and scaling attendance to over 1900 attendees.
Kim has accepted a new opportunity to lead Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Initiatives in industry, for which she is well aligned. 
"I met Kim in 2011 and worked with her in various capacities as a community member and volunteer. Kim's drive and spirit engages people in a very inviting and authentic way so that we are true to ourselves and to the mission. Kim will be dearly missed, but we are so proud and happy for her as she continues the mission of diversity in a different capacity," said Rose Robinson, Executive Director, CMD-IT.

"It has been a wonderful pleasure working with Kim over the past eight years! Kim always provides a personal engagement with each person she touches - students, faculty, and professionals - getting to know the individual. She brings excellence and style to everything she does! We all will miss Kim, but we know she will continue to excel!", said Valerie Taylor, CEO and President, CMD-IT.

Thank you, Kim McLeod!