Thank you, Lakesiders
April 2018
Thank you for the endless amounts of time, talent and treasure that you contributed over the last year. Because of the generosity of you and many other Lakesiders, individuals and families of all ages were able to have a rejuvenating and renewing Lakeside experience.
When these gifts are combined, the impact is limitless. Because of the gifts of this community, we are able to provide the cherished traditions and enriching experiences that Lakesiders know and love.
These numbers offer a look into those impactful moments and stories.
This year, 1,600 Lakeside families gave between April 1, 2017 and March 31, 2018. We collectively raised more than $574,000 in support of the Lakeside Annual Fund. In addition, families gave gifts toward their pool & wellness campaign pledges and pickleball campaign pledges. New endowment and special project gifts were also given.   
Regardless of size, each gift helps to transform the lives of Lakesiders by providing opportunities for renewal and growth while nurturing mind, body and spirit. Thank you for your love, passion and support of Lakeside Chautauqua.   

Be a Lakeside Ambassador and help us spread the word about the 2018 Lakeside experience.

- Share a Lakeside Facebook post with your friends and family.


- Provide an address of a family who might enjoy a Lakeside visit. We will send them a Calendar of Events in the mail with a special note.


- Request a stack of Calendar of Events and distribute them at your church. 

Here are a few things that Lakesiders have shared they are looking forward to for the 2018 Chautauqua Season.

"The nightly programs at the auditorium, the Sunday afternoon lectures given by the Heritage Society, Sloopy's pizza, walking along Ohio's Most Beautiful Mile and the dock. The "kids" also love Patio doughnuts, sailing their sunfish and kayak, playing shuffleboard and tennis, sunbathing at the dock, and now swimming at the pool." - Pauletta


"Family, sunsets, Patio ice cream, golf carts, shopping and getting away from the hectic pace of life to recharge." - Buffy