Private landowners play an important role in sustaining New Hampshire's wildlife.

Your Land, Your Legacy
Have you been thinking about what will happen to your land in the future?  Maybe this winter is the perfect time for you to start thinking and planning.   
This  great introductory resource from UNH Cooperative Extension  covers topics like why to start planning, how to plan for your legacy, talking with your family about your goals, and estate planning tools.   The document displays tables that spell out the differences between ownership types.  A great resource! 
Young or old....all landowners should take a look at this document.    
With abundant snow on the ground, tracking winter wildlife is a fun way to see what kinds of wildlife might be roaming around your property.  Pull out your favorite winter mode of travel (snowshoe, ski, snowmobile, dog sled) and make it a point to do a loop or trail every few days throughout the winter to get a good idea of your winter residents.  
I enjoy snowshoeing  or skiing my backyard trails, observing deer, coyote, hare, squirrel, and small rodent tracks on a regular basis.  If you've never done any snow tracking, take it slow and try to learn one or two new tracks this winter.  Eventually you can build on your tracking knowledge and you'll be a pro in no time.   
Download and print this simple tracking ID card (put it in a ziplock bag to keep it dry) and head outside.
Ice Fishing 
Ice Fishing Seasons and Dates:
Free Ice Fishing Day: Saturday, January 20, 2018
No Vehicles Beyond This Point: Foot Traffic Only
This sign is used to prohibit all vehicle use and restrict access to foot travel.   
How to get this sign: 
Download the Operation Land Share  participation agreement form and mail in with your request,  
If you're already enrolled in the program, just call or email with your request, 603-271-1137,   

Operation Game Thief
Operation Game Thief

Protect New Hampshire's Natural Resources - Report Wildlife Law Violators!
Operation Game Thief is a silent witness, anti-poaching program that encourages the public to report any suspicious activity or knowledge about a poaching violation.    
Report Violations: 1-800-344-4262 or .
Landowner Relations Program | NH Fish and Game | 11 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH
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