Thank You, תודה ,شكرا
Dear Friends -
What divides and unites the peoples of Jerusalem, Israel and Palestine aches for the balm of a new generation of leaders, who model a vision of the Holy Lands as a sacred and living symbol of religious communities living together in harmony.
JPB's linked in-school and summer programs unite Jewish, Christian and Muslim youth and empower them with the skills, relationships and support they need to be just such leaders and peacebuilders.
We do this in partnership with a growing number of American, Israeli and Palestinian schools, congregations and organizations; and we do this in partnership with you.

Teens participate in a youth leadership retreat in Tel Aviv hosted by JPB partners
Youth share thoughts during a JPB dialogue session on cultural diversity

Your overwhelming response to the JPB matching-gift holiday appeal exceeded every expectation and goal.  We had hoped to meet the  $25,000 match.  But you hoped for more and 167 individuals, families, foundations, churches and organizations generously invested  $71,000 , pushing the appeal's grand total over the top to  $96,000 !
Thank you for your powerful support, and thank you for your unflinching confidence in JPB's vision, performance and future.  We are grateful, and we are nothing short of awed.
You have insured the reliable growth of JPB's capacity to recruit the staff and produce the programming needed to produce that new generation of leaders who will build the Peace of Jerusalem with their prayers and with their lives.  God bless you. 
Peace, שלום سلام,
The Rev. Canon Nicholas T. Porter, Dorothy Porter
and Stuart R. Kensinger
Co-Founders, Jerusalem Peacebuilders
Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world

Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world
Nazareth and Haifa schools welcome new opportunities
Parents and students learning about the JPB in-school program
In January, JPB Regional Director, Jack Karn, arrived to Nazareth in the Holy Land. For the next four months, Karn will be leading several in-school leadership and peacebuilding programs around the Galilee region. Balancing responsibilities with JPB, he will also be volunteering at Christ Anglican Church in Nazareth as part of a growing partnership with the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem.
With two leadership programs previously confirmed, Karn quickly went to work, reaching out to local schools and potential partners to explore advancing JPB's mission through launching additional programs. Opening doors and moving mountains, his efforts paid off with two additional schools deciding to invite JPB into their halls. In total, Karn will manage and lead four in-school programs at: St. John's School, Haifa; Christ School, Nazareth; the Latin Patriarchate School, Reineh; and St. Joseph's Seminary and High School, Nazareth. With other schools also inviting JPB to visit and present its year-round programming to their students, our prolonged presence and impact in the northern region of Israel is assured. In reflecting on his first three weeks back in the Holy Land, Jack states:
"What a joy and privilege it is to serve God and JPB in the 
Holy Land through recruiting and training the next generation 
of  young Israeli and Palestinian leaders and peacebuilders. I am amazed  at the recent surge in demand for JPB programming 
and support  for our work. It is good to be back."
~Jack Karn
Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world
Sarah Benazera brings extensive experience to summer and in-country programming
JPB is pleased to welcome Sarah Perle Benazera to the staff team. As the Summer Institute Director for the Interfaith Citizenship program in Houston, TX, she will be overseeing the program's direction, content, and administration. An exceptional peacebuilder and youth professional, Benazera brings notable experience and talent to the organization and its program portfolio.

Sarah is a humanist, peace-activist, storyteller and educator, with years of hands-on experience in international and inter-cultural dialogue working at the people-to-people level for a better Middle East. After studying at the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies and meeting for the first time Jordanian and Palestinians, Sarah realized that cross-cultural dialogue and peace-building were her callings. She worked as a project manager and blog editor at YaLa Young Leaders for 5 years, developing and running a citizen journalism program, she has been involved in various Peace and Cooperation projects, organizing conferences, participating in panels and programs about peace education and cooperation, and working and volunteering with Kid4Peace Jerusalem and worked for the first time with JPB in 2014. She has studied Environmental Studies and Cross-Border Cooperation at Sde Boker and the  Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, as well as Political Philosophy at the   Université Panthéon Sorbonne 
in Paris.
Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world
Event in Tel Aviv uses photography to address global issues
In January, JPB had the opportunity to work with the Diplomacy and International Communication in English program of the Israeli Ministry of Education.   For two weeks, hundreds of students from sixty schools all over the country came to the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv to visit the 2017 World Press Photo Exhibition The exhibition begins with the following words:

"The best stories teach us something new. They make us ask questions.  They illuminate the unseen and give voices to  the unheard. They tell  the  bravest and most important truths  that 
are impossible to ignore.  And they challenge us to action." 

During their  time at the museum, students learned about photojournalism and discussed the photos that were featured.  They learned about the power of visual storytelling and explored topics such as the protection of the environment, the migrant crisis, or inclusion in society.  The young people showed insatiable curiosity and empathy in their sharing and engagement with the exhibition's content.
Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world
Funds will support new in-school programs in the Galilee
In January, the United Thank Offering of the Episcopal Church awarded JPB's Regional Director, Jack Karn, a 2018 Young Adult Grant of $2,500 to help fund new JPB in-school leadership and peacebuilding programs in the Galilee area of the Holy Land. The crucial grant will support JPB's rapidly growing presence in northern Israel and reach more than 50 youth. 

The United Thank Offering is a ministry to promote thankfulness and mission in the whole Church. Known worldwide as UTO, the United Thank Offering awards grants for projects that address human needs and help alleviate poverty, both domestically and internationally in the Episcopal Church.  Read more about the award here .
Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world
Presentations and workshop culminate in powerful experience for faculty and students
On January 15 in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., JPB's Executive Director, The Rev. Canon Nicholas Porter, JPB Regional Director, Jack Karn, and JPB Board Member Amer Nimr, visited the Bement School in Greenfield, MA for a presentation on the work of JPB, a first-person account of growing up as a Palestinian in the Holy Land, and a workshop on tolerance and peacebuilding. It was a great event and has opened up additional opportunities for JPB to return to the school and lead an elective leadership and peacebuilding course for Bement students this spring. We can't wait to return!
Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world
Deadline to apply for this summer is March 15
Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world
Gain hands-on professional experience in peacebuilding and youth leadership development
Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world
Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world

"This program was everything I expected it to be and more. 
I learned the skills necessary to become a better leader 
and  resolve conflicts peacefully."  
~2017 participant

JPB leaders engage in crucial follow-up activities, co-existence and 
in-school leadership programs across the globe. 
Help us raise the  next generation of peacebuilders.
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Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world