January 8, 2021
Dear Friends,
At last, a new year. We have been through a lot in the past year, months, and these past few days. I'm happy to report that the rains have started. The green shoots of new growth are already transforming the brown fields and hillsides of the Point Reyes National Seashore to verdant green. Renewal is underway.
Resilience at the Seashore
If they say that hindsight is “2020” – as far as I’m concerned, that’s a good place for 2020 to stay! While it has been a very rough year indeed on so many fronts, a wonderful thing about 2020 has been the heart-warming outpouring of compassion and support from the PRNSA community. All of us on the Board of Directors of PRNSA are so grateful for your steadfast support and your messages of resilience – thank you!
Talking about resilience, the Northern elephant seals are back for pupping season. Cute, cute, cute! I saw five elephant seal pups nursing when I visited last week. Drakes Beach parking lot is open and has plenty of parking; bring binoculars to glimpse these cuties up close (more below on how to view and protect the elephant seals during this sensitive time). These new pups are the success of population recovery of the elephant seals at Point Reyes over the past few decades -- a tangible example of the impact that you make through PRNSA, a community committed to science, conservation, and education. Please visit the park's website for current information and viewing suggestions.
The elephant seal pups, the start of the rains, the greening of the hillsides — these are all harbingers of renewal. I could sure use a little pick-me-up after this holiday-election-pandemic season. How about you? If you are like me, and can use some renewal, some exercise, and a healthy challenge, then read on about PRNSA's 2021 Get Nature'ally Fit Challenge and hit the open trails of the Seashore!
OK, sure -- the Woodward Fire has closed a section of the Seashore for now, but luckily Mother Nature didn’t get the memo. Renewal is underway! Curious about what's happening in the Woodward fire area? How vegetation is recovering? Good news -- fire-related research and monitoring projects are underway, funded by donations from PRNSA supporters to the Regeneration Fund during PRNSA's 2020 virtual Dinner on the Pacific Plate. Want to know more? See below Episode 2: "New Growth" of The Natural Laboratory podcast series, courtesy of PRNSA's Science Communication intern Jerimiah Oetting.
In these times, the Seashore remains an inspiration of renewal and an anchor of resilience. There is something about being in the Seashore -- that feeling of being part of the land, the wind, and the wild -- that words cannot come close to communicating. But I don't need to tell you that because you know exactly what I mean.
Thank you for your continued support of PRNSA.
Seth Rosen
Board of Directors
General Management Plan Amendment Update:
The California Coastal Commission's public hearing regarding the General Management Plan Amendment for Point Reyes National Seashore and north district of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, has been postponed and will not occur on January 14. A new hearing for this item will be announced once it is scheduled. Please direct any correspondence to the pointreyesmanagementplan@coastal.ca.gov

Point Reyes National Seashore Closures and Seasonal Updates:
Some areas, roads, trails and facilities in Point Reyes National Seashore continue to be closed due to the Woodward Fire, COVID-19, and road work. Visit the park's web site for the most current information.

Annual Closures due to Elephant Seal Activity:
  • Drakes Beach Closure Alert - To protect the elephant seal pups from disturbance and to keep the public safe, Drakes Beach will be closed starting at the southern edge of the cove in front of the Kenneth C. Patrick Visitor Center and continuing southwest to the end of Drakes Beach. This closure is in effect from December 31 through March 31. Learn more about the elephant seals at Point Reyes here. (Note: dogs and drones are NOT permitted.)
Podcast: Episode 2
New Growth
By Jerimiah Oetting,
PRNSA Science Communication Intern
Now that 2020’s historic fire season is over, the plants at Point Reyes National Seashore are in recovery mode. Jerimiah Oetting speaks with fire ecologists and botanists about what that recovery will look like in the coming months and years, and what we can learn from indigenous practices of managing the landscape with fire.
Field Conservation for Mountain Gorillas??
Thursday, January 14, 6pm – 7pm
Free #Park In Place Webinar Series
Yup you read that right, Gorillas. Mountain Gorillas to be exact. No, there are no Mountain Gorillas in Point Reyes, and there probably never will be. What's relevant to our area are the in-depth conservation skills and research that have contributed to positive changes for a sensitive species. Jena Hickey has devoted years to conservation efforts while working in the field and has a lot to share. Come learn more about how change can happen at a variety of levels by registering for this free webinar today. Register Now!
Saturday, January 16, 10:30am – 5pm
With excellent image quality, portability, and easy images sharing, the smartphone has become the camera of choice for many, and for many it’s their only camera. While you can get captivating images with the native camera app, to unlock the full potential of the camera, third-party apps excel at bringing out the most your camera can offer.
Saturday, January 23, 10am – 4pm
In this online class we will begin with a group discussion on what the word “place” and “placemaking” means, as well as its complexity in a global society prone to frequent moving and dislocation. Participants will then be invited to their first place-based writing exercise before wecome together as a group and discuss what worked, what was difficult, and any “ah-ha” moments folks may have had. We will then discuss the craft of poetry, specifically how imagery and figurative language establish the mood of a piece. Allie Rigby is a Bay Area poet and educator with roots in the chaparral of southern California. Allie’s workshops are for all levels and range from poetry to the art of teaching creative writing. Register Here.
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Sunday, January 24, 9am – 4pm
A Five-Part Series: Tuesdays, January 26 – February 16, - 7pm – 9pm
Saturday, January 30, 10am – 2pm
Sunday, January 31, 10am – 4:30pm
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