November 21, 2019
As we approach this holiday season, I am feeling particularly grateful for each of our SCORE volunteers. Your work to serve the small businesses across our nation makes a significant, positive impact in the lives of so many, and this impact motivates us to remain focused on the true north for our organization.
Doug Nohe and I have begun a "listening tour" that entails traveling to each SCORE region to continue the conversations we started at the National Leadership Conference. We want to hear directly from you about what is working, where your pain points are, and what drives your success. Thank you to those we have already connected with, for the constructive and insightful information you shared. We are looking forward to continuing these visits throughout the year, and we welcome your feedback, whether or not we can visit in person. Our goal is to work together to grow as One SCORE.
Some of you have asked, "What is One SCORE?" It means providing the same incredible experience to our clients and our volunteers no matter how, when or where they interact with SCORE. This includes consistency across our entire network of mentors and resources.  

We need to be consistent, in all we say, show and do. Consistency shapes perceptions, eliminates confusion and strengthens the SCORE brand. Each conversation, piece of correspondence or marketing effort is an opportunity to positively promote SCORE to its audiences. This will help to ensure ever-increasing levels of client engagement and satisfaction.
Also in support of One SCORE, we are proactively moving towards a more centralized operating model in which support functions are executed and coordinated at the headquarters level, and direct client services and support are delivered at the field level. Our goal is to free up your time and allow you, our volunteers, to focus on the mentoring and education you signed up for, by taking on the administrative burden of key functions including:
- websites
-          Chapter social media program
- email address
-          Centralized accounting
-          Standardizing key business processes across chapters using Engage
I specifically want to thank everyone for rising to the occasion and meeting the accelerated centralized accounting timeline. Your efforts have truly helped show our stakeholders how much we value the federal dollars we receive, by increasing efficiency and accountability, and reducing liability.
One particularly meaningful example of SCORE's forward progress in the eyes of our stakeholders is the SCORE reauthorization bill, which passed the House of Representatives on Oct. 21 with an overwhelming show of support that included 389 yeas and 8 nays. In general, we support this bill - particularly the level-funding it contained. The bill now sits in the Senate, and we are waiting for it to be taken up for a vote.
We remain committed to open, transparent communication, and we remain focused on assisting you in achieving our mission. We know, without you, there would be no SCORE. Thank you - for generously giving SCORE your time, your knowledge, and your talents. It's an honor to work beside you as we continue to build this amazing organization.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Bridget Weston