Thank You!
I am both humbled and honored that Republican Primary voters nominated me to be their candidate for State Representative in District 28. 

Turnout was higher than usual this year, with around 3700 people casting a ballot in our Republican Primary.  

With your support, our effort earned slightly more than 58% of the vote Tuesday – and the final results will be certified on the 14th.

This overwhelming victory would not have been possible without the support of so many. I’m grateful for the many, many homeowners who displayed over 500 Kellie Warren yard signs! I’m thankful for those who volunteered both time and treasure to my campaign, who spoke with friends and neighbors, and all those who offered prayers and encouragement. 

No political race is ever won without the help of a large team of people coming together.  When I think about all who supported our effort during the past year, it takes my breath away!  
Moving Forward

I also want to recognize my Primary Election opponent, Rep. Koesten, for the hard-fought campaign and for her service as State Representative. While we may not have agreed on many issues, I appreciate the time required to serve in Topeka and to campaign. I invite her supporters to join our team this fall.

On that note, with the Republican Primary behind us, now our focus must turn to the General Election . My opponent is a liberal Democrat who wants to keep growing government. So, it’s important that our neighbors and our party come together and work to earn another victory in November, and that starts today.
Help Us Win in November!
In addition to voting November 6th, here are other ways you can help:
Yard Signs
If you have one (or more) Kellie Warren yard signs and it is still in good condition, please hang on to it. We will send a subsequent email when it's time to put them out!

If you do not have a yard sign or yours is in disrepair, please email us and we will gladly bring you one at the appropriate time!
The most important part of campaigning is visiting with voters! We will begin canvassing the District again in about two weeks.

If you would like to help us, or if you know of a young person who would like to intern for us, just email us back and we will get you on the schedule - we walk on weekday evenings and Saturdays!

Many of you gave generously in the Primary Election.  Your contributions provided the resources needed to reach out to voters at the door, in the mail, and through other media. We stretched every dollar to maximum effect, and the result was clearly shown on Election Day.

Now, we must replenish our resources for the General Election contest. Our opponent and his allies are already organizing a negative attack campaign, so we will need financial support to ensure our message reaches as many voters as possible.

Regardless of whether you donated in the Primary, you can give in the General, as contribution limits reset for the new election cycle.  All contributions, big or small, positively impact our ability to reach more voters. State law limits contributions to $500 per individual or legal entity, and $20, $50 or $100 makes a difference.  

You can donate today by clicking here .
Let's Do This!

As I noted above, now is the time for us to come together. While this is a Republican-leaning District, we need to continue our strong effort so I can work hard for you in Topeka.

Thank you for joining our team and together we can make a difference on November 6th!