April 13, 2018
Thank you California Members of Congress for Supporting Affordable Housing

Matt Schwartz, President & CEO
This week,  California Housing Partnership  joined affordable housing advocates nationally to thank our members of Congress for supporting the  recent 12.5% increase in the 9% Housing Credit program and a 10% increase in the FY 2018 HUD budget.  While this omnibus is a much needed boost to offset federal cuts in these programs, as  our recent report  makes clear, there is still much work ahead of us.

It is imperative that our members of Congress take their support a step further and commit to FY 2019 funding levels for other important HUD programs, such as $12.2 billion to renew existing Project-Based Rental Assistance contracts, and $22.8 billion for Housing Choice Vouchers and $2.8 billion for McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Grants, along with a list of other programs.

This week, at the request of the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC), we asked Senator Feinstein and  Senator Harris to sign-on to Senate letters by April 13 to support specific FY 2019 funding levels for HUD programs.

We encourage Californians who care about affordable housing to contact the staff of your lawmaker and ask them to join this effort. Senators have until the end of the day today, April 13, to sign-on and support affordable housing for low income renters in California.