Dear KCU Alumni,
As our country continues the fight against COVID-19, we recognize that you and your teams are the medical professionals on the front lines of this crisis - the true heroes. Amidst the turmoil, you are going into harm's way to give patients the care they need and improve the well-being of the communities we serve. We are grateful for your commitment and service to our citizens.
At KCU, our faculty, staff and administrators have come together in short order to respond to the crisis and assure the continuation of our students' learning. We have made a number of changes in operations, curriculum delivery and modification of training on both campuses to keep our community safe and healthy and see that Kansas City University's mission endures. 
The magnitude of this event will surely leave its mark on all of us. Remaining true to our university's core values has served KCU well over the years and will strengthen our resolve in meeting this public health challenge and beyond:

Integrity, Compassion, Excellence, Collaboration, 
Intellectual Curiosity, Innovation, Heritage

Once again, thank you for all you do for our university and our communities. You are KCU's greatest ambassadors, and you make us proud. We have aggregated a number of academic, research and clinical resources that are available to you as you continue to face the difficulties and complexities of this crisis.
I'd also like to share that our executive dean, Dr. Darrin D'Agostino, continues to be at the forefront of this issue, serving as an expert voice on behalf of KCU and an ongoing resource for our city. Here is his latest TV interview .
KCU remains committed to the well-being of our entire campus community, and together we will persevere. During this stressful and challenging time, how we choose to respond will define our character as individuals, as an institution and as a nation for all of time. This can indeed be our finest hour!
Yours gratefully,
Marc B. Hahn, DO
President and Chief Executive Officer