The rental company has come and gone and so has our tent, but not the warm feelings of a day and evening with friends last Saturday.

Thank you for your support in helping us surpass expectations on every level for the 10th annual Dinner on the Pacific Plate event. We raised $309,250 in total to fund our conservation, environmental education, and community building work, including $119,000 the night of the event to support our work with underserved youth and families.

It was a full tent and I can honestly say it was the biggest crowd in the 10 years of hosting this event! Over the evening we acknowledged the contributions of Betty Anne Carlin and Steve Costa who founded the event in 2010. The hikes and tours received rave reviews and covered the park from top to bottom from the Morgan Horse Ranch to Lighthouse and ranching to restoration. Thanks to the talented Dirty Red Barn  and generous cocktail hour hosts, the stage was set for a delicious evening under the tent prepared by A Fork Full of Earth . Our wonderful volunteers and staff delivered the event with efficiency and smiles.

I hope you enjoyed the update from Superintendent Cicely Muldoon and PRNSA's dedicated environmental education team. Of course, the perfect weather and full moon added to the magic of the day. Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions and I hope you will take up Sam's offer of a a class, camp, or visit to our office (next to the Morgans) over the coming year.

Thank you again!

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Donna Faure
Executive Director
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