Thank you to the entire Adopt-A-Dog community for making an impact during this difficult year. Whether you are a volunteer, a foster, an adopter, a donor, or you shared our stories on social media, you have made a difference! We thought you might like to see how you helped us positively affect the lives of so many dogs and humans during this challenging year, so we are pleased to share our 2020 Impact Report. Wishing you all a very happy New Year and a better 2021. 
Adopt-A-Dog Impact Report 2020
Adopt-A-Dog is a limited admission animal shelter with a mission to save, socialize, and secure loving homes for unwanted or abandoned dogs. In 2020, with the support of staff, volunteers, and generous donors, we have touched many lives, both canine and human, and we are pleased to share some of the highlights with you.
Lives Impacted in 2020

Adopt-A-Dog’s primary focus is finding forever homes for the dogs in our care. There isn’t a better feeling than watching one of our dogs hop in the car with their new family to head home. Until that happens, we aim to give them their best lives by providing them with medical care, behavioral training, and most importantly, love. Each adopted dog enriches their new family’s life, as well as makes room at the shelter for the next dog in need. We are always here waiting to care for them.
60 dogs have been adopted since January 1, 2020.

8 animals were part of our home-to-home program where we help facilitate adoptions, but they do not ever live in the shelter.

The average length-of-stay has decreased over the past three years for dogs entering the shelter.
Dogs have been in foster homes 81 times throughout the year.

130 families joined our foster bank with a willingness to foster all kinds of dogs, including puppies, dogs with special medical needs, and dogs that need consistent behavioral training.
2020 was our most successful year-to-date with our foster-to-adopt program which 12 families used as the way to find their new family members.
19 dogs arrived from local families as owner surrenders.

7 dogs came from local animal shelters.

11 dogs came from out of state shelters.

5 dogs arrived as strays or lost dogs.
Success Stories

Making a difference in Westchester and Fairfield Counties and beyond
Adopt-A-Dog has become the go-to shelter for Animal Control Officers when they find abandoned dogs, owners when they need to surrender their pet, and people when they are looking to add to their family. Adopt-A-Dog helps all of them. Below are a few of our recent success stories.
Timon, Pumbaa and Zazu
Early this year, we took Timon, Pumbaa, and Zazu into our care. Sadly one of their elderly owners had passed away and the other was not able to care for them. This little pack of three was loved, but due to severe circumstances, they were unintentionally neglected. Once they were in our care, they immediately received the medical attention they needed and a well-deserved “spa day” where they were groomed into the fine looking gentlemen they are. Zazu (the white one) found his perfect family first. Timon and Pumbaa hung out for a short time at the shelter (in the Executive Director’s office!) and within a few weeks found their new mom. Now they get to enjoy their senior years relaxing with her together.
The shelter received a call from a woman who had rescued Atlas in Colorado and driven cross-country with him. They then found themselves living out of her car, so she searched online for animal shelters and chose Adopt-A-Dog because we had the best ratings for treatment and care of our dogs. She sadly surrendered this sweet tripod to give him a better life. He has been adopted successfully through our Foster-to-Adopt Program and is enjoying life with his new mom and dad.
Adopt-A-Dog got a late afternoon call from a tire store in the Bronx saying that they had called other shelters, but nobody would come help with an injured dog on their property. Two Adopt-A-Dog staff rushed to the scene and found that the dog had been hit by a car and left. With no tags or chip, he became one of the Adopt-A-Dog Pack. He had surgery to fix his hip and was also neutered while he was under anesthesia. He recuperated for six weeks in a foster home and is now ready to find his forever family.
The Human Impact...

Adopt-A-Dog could not achieve its mission without the commitment of its volunteers and donors. The shelter is fortunate to have the support of not only Fairfield and Westchester counties, but New York City and other surrounding areas. 
Volunteerism at Adopt-A-Dog
This year, there were 179 people who volunteered their time to support the shelter in one way or another, and sometimes in many ways! Volunteers helped with:
· dog walking and car trips
· spending time with dogs in the play yards
· making toys at home
· yardwork/property assistance
· administrative tasks - fundraising thank-you notes, data entry, answering email inquiries
· sharing adoptable dogs on social media channels
· taking laundry home during Covid shut-down
...and the Impact on Humans (no words needed.)