A Word from Mark
Dear Friends of WTLC,
October is becoming my favorite time of the year! We are just wrapping up all the activities and events we’ve hosted during our best-to-date Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM). It started off with proclamation ceremonies and being recognized by the Cities of Fullerton and Placentia. Then we had the opportunity to teach couples about healthy conflicts in relationships at our date night event, X’s and O’s. Then I was honored to be invited to speak with U.S. Representative Katie Porter during a roundtable discussion on trends and issues of domestic violence in our communities. And finally, a group of fine gentlemen came together to share their life experiences and how the way they were raised influences their current understanding of masculinity at our Man[ing] Up night.

Oh – and did anyone see our cool banners hanging up in downtown Orange and Fullerton? If you’re around downtown Orange and Fullerton, you might get a glimpse of our signs! If you’re itching to do something for DVAM, it’s not too late! We still have a few tickets left for our upcoming ¾ Time Dueling Pianos event on Thursday, October 24th. Click here and get your tickets.

With Appreciation,

Theresa's Story of Recovery: "I was very close to giving up my life...but I am able to live happily with my son."
Theresa, a primary school teacher from China, met her husband while visiting the United States on vacation. What she thought would be a two-week stay became the beginning of her new life of marriage, children – and abuse. After their first son was born, Theresa’s husband began to grow impatient with the stresses of being a new parent. Over time his impatience grew into frustration, then into anger, and then finally abuse. He began to hit her, yell at her, and isolate Theresa and her son from the outside world, taking her car keys so she couldn’t leave the house.
Thank You to Our Veterans
This Veterans Day, WTLC thanks all who have served or continue to serve our country.

WTLC is dedicated to doing our part to support the veterans in our community by ensuring they have the tools and resources to maintain safe homes and recover from experiences of trauma. This involves supporting veteran survivors of intimate partner violence—making sure our programs are accessible, empowering, and equipped to respond not only to the trauma of violence from an intimate partner, but also the potential trauma of active service—as well as working with veterans who have caused harm or fear they might cause harm in their home, providing services that help address trauma and teach healthy relationship strategies to prevent situations of abuse.

It can be hard to ask for help, but WTLC is here to listen and provide support. If you are a veteran experiencing a domestic violence situation who needs assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Call our 24/7 helpline at 877-531-5522 to speak to an Advocate today, or email Love@wtlc.org
Thank You, Amigos de los Niños! 
Last month, Amigos de los Niños granted WTLC $10,000 to support our Children’s Program, allowing us to continue to provide flexible and age appropriate services to the children in our programs.

This is the 14 th year that Amigos de los Niños has helped us provide crucial services to children of survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking—thank you, Amigos de los Niños! We are honored to have your continued support, and so grateful for your dedication to the children in our community.
There are only 2 days left to get your tickets or become a sponsor for ¾ Time Dueling Pianos! Join us THIS Thursday, October 24 th  as we sing together and call for an end to domestic violence in our community. Become a sponsor or get your tickets today!
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