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Learn more about our Linear Optical Technology®!
Theia’s family of ultra-wide no distortion rectilinear lenses use patented
Linear Optical Technology® to correct barrel distortion optically & improve edge resolution without software or related latency. Up to 135 degrees HFOV, 5 megapixel, 200lp/mm resolution, in visible or NIR corrected, fixed or varifocal models, in C or CS mount. Shock and vibration resistant. For up to 1/2.3” image sensors.
ML610M 4K 2/3” Varifocal
 Learn more about Theia's  ML610M   varifocal lens. This flexible lens has 12 megapixel resolution, 6-10mm focal range, replacing up to 3 prime lenses, and provides from 51 to 87 degrees horizontal field of view on the 2/3" sensor.

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If you would like to evaluate a lens, please contact us and describe your application and needs.
Theia's 4k Motorized Lenses
Theia’s award-winning family of 4K resolution lenses covers 4-10mm & 12-50mm focal ranges for up to 1/1.7” format, 300lp/mm resolution with minimal focus shift in NIR for multi-spectral imaging. Offered in motorized zoom, focus, and IR cut filter with photo-interrupter motor stops. In DC auto or P-iris, CS, C or board mount, lightweight & compact in a 52x61mm maximum envelope.
Motorized Lens Control Board
Theia's Motorized Lens Control Board allows the user to control zoom, focus, P-iris, and IR cut filters.