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Learn More about Theia's Day/Night lens options!
Theia's telephoto varifocal lenses (SL940, TL936, SL1250, and TL1250) are all well corrected for day/night operation. Set up for license plate reading (LPR or ANPR), the lens will remain in focus when switching from visible lighting to IR lighting. With the variable focal lengths it is possible to optimize the field of view for one lane or multiple lanes of traffic. 
Theia's SL940 compact telephoto has a Focal length of 9-40mm, 5+ MP resolution, and is 1/2.3" 4k camera compatible.
Theia's TL1250 compact telephoto has a Focal length of 12-50mm, 4K (12MP) resolution, is fully motorized (zoom, focus, IRC, iris, limit switch), and fits
1/2.3" up to 1/1.7" sensor sizes
Theia's TL936 Motorized compact telephoto has a Focal length of 9-36mm, 5+ MP resolution, 1/2.3" 4k camera compatible, and a fully motorized (zoom, focus, IR cut, iris, limit switch).
Motorized Lens Control Board
Theia's Motorized Lens Control Board allows the user to control zoom, focus, P-iris, and IR cut filters.