We have been so thankful of the comments coming in appreciating our team’s effort through this storm. For those of you that sent in thank-yous, THANK YOU as we pass them on to our team to show their effort was appreciated. Now, we know we we're not perfect but wanted to share some of the numerous comments we have received below. 

  • I just wanted to send a thank you email to all of you. Your hard work and sleepless nights is much appreciated. This was a rough one and I know you guys did all you could. I was able to get to most of the sites today and as thrilled at how great they all looked. Again, I doubt you heard it enough over the last few days, so THANK YOU!

  • Thank you thank you to your crews for working tirelessly. We appreciate them!!!

  • You and your crews are the best!! I just can’t say enough about how awesome the communication was during this nightmare of a storm. We appreciate you all! 

  • Thank you! So appreciate everything that you are doing! Thank you for all that you are doing to support our tenants during this winter event. Please be safe.

  • These last several days have been so utterly difficult on you and your crews and I’d like to simply say thank you for your hard work, unbelievably amazing communication, and for award winning attitudes. I appreciate you both and value our business relationship.

  • Thank you to you and the team for all of your help. The team that helped scrape ice and deice last night to today and the days leading up to the winter storm of the year. Kudos to Pacific Landscape for being ready and willing.

  • Thanks to your teams for all of your hard work. You guys made a huge difference and you’re rock stars!!!

  • As always OUTSTANDING service! Thank your team – we love you guys!

  • Just wanted to let you know that the clinic manager provided feedback that the parking lots looked great. We know this was an extraordinarily difficult weather system and the crews (and you) worked tirelessly and diligently to really focus and get all areas covered. Please be sure to pass along to everyone that the efforts were appreciated and noticed.

  • I would like to thank you and your crew for being available to support the snow removal and sanding at our site. It allowed for our personnel to have access during this challenging time.

  • Thanks again for making us a priority. And for taking such good care of us.

  • Again appreciate the updates and all of your and your teams efforts to stay out in front of this. It is officially getting older but can thank the team enough for their hard work during these difficult days. Hopefully in our rear view mirror by Tuesday!

  • Glad we have Pacific on it and ready to battle this storm.

  • Thanks! You are amazing and we are so grateful for you and your team's hard work.
  • I don’t envy you guys during these storms. Thank you for being so AWESOME! I’ll try and leave you alone now. 

  • Thank you and your crew for all your hard work. It was no small task and we so appreciate all that you do.  Take care, get rest and stay warm!

  • Thank you for the update. We appreciate all your crews hard work. 

  • Wanted to shoot you a quick thank you for all of you and your teams’ efforts through this weekend’s craziness. We are grateful for you guys not only being reliable in taking care of our properties but also keeping us updated throughout the days and evenings so we can remain in the know. Hope you guys had a chance to get some good rest today.

  • We see that snow removal happened over the weekend at our new warehouse dock area. Thank you! Well done handling this winter event. The service has been great!

  • Thanks so much for all you and your teams are doing thru these winter conditions. We appreciate all of you so much!

  • Thank you so much Ron for hard work and thank your crew for us.

  • I do appreciate the personal updates and photos. Very impressive work to get this cleared when it’s been ice, snow, ice and back to snow. Thank you for keeping me updated.

  • Thanks! We appreciate all the hard work you and your team did during the storm! Thank you!
And how nice it was for TEAM ORANGE to get a good night sleep last night after the crazy 24/7 schedule most had since Thursday last week. We need a few more good nights sleep to catch up, but last night sure was a good start.