WHAT A SHOCK IT WAS! Prior to last Wednesday's storm, we watched the forecast very closely for over a week. We monitored the prediction of cold weather arriving and the potential for some minor snowy conditions. We planned to pre-treat sites and then react to any minor clearing, as it was anticipated temperatures to drop into the teens. 

It started to snow on the east side of Portland and in Vancouver around noon on Wednesday and we began to deploy there with our Hillsboro, Sherwood and Salem offices on standby. By 5:00pm, there was plowable snow on the ground on the east side and in Vancouver, so we deployed our plow trucks and plow sub-contractors. It was very challenging to deploy on short notice after the snow started and especially when traffic began to snarl.

About that same time, snow began to fall in Hillsboro and the southern portions of town, as the forecast was still predicting light dustings! As the evening unfolded and snow began to pile up to the west and south, we again scrambled to deploy our crews and subcontractors there as well.  

We brought down thirty team members from the Puget Sound region to assist the Portland crews because there was little to no snow up there. Even PLM President, Bob Grover, spent a 15-hour shift in a plow truck!

Conditions were challenging overnight Wednesday into Thursday, as hundreds, if not thousands of cars became stranded on roads, blocking our ability to move around town. We gutted through it and cleared most sites overnight Wednesday, throughout Thursday and into Thursday night, to prepare for those people who wanted to return to work on Friday. 

This was one of the heaviest snows ever in the Portland area and one that was not predicted, making it truly “historic."

We cannot thank our team and subcontractors enough for their heroic efforts through the night on Wednesday and into Thursday. Plus, they tirelessly worked Thursday night and Friday as well! 


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