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How To Save Money On Your Heating Bills!

The official first day of winter is coming. While we have already experienced a bit of snow and some cold weather that got us snuggling under blankets with hot cocoa, we can expect that there will be more of that in the months ahead. This means we have entered the time of year when heating costs begin to rise. So how can we keep our family comfortable during winter while maintaining reasonable utility costs? We’ve got some ideas for you!

Money Saving Tips From Your Heating & Cooling Comfort Pros:

  • Understand your appliance - Whether you heat your home with a boiler, furnace or a heat pump, understanding the mechanics of your appliance can go a long way in how you care for it in the long run. Read through instruction manuals and if you have any questions on general upkeep, feel free to give your WK Service Professional a call.
Is a Heat Pump Right for You?

From our parents and grandparents who faced hot summers with fans, then cold winters with fires and blankets, to our own experiences with the traditional methods of central air conditioning in the summers and furnace heating in the winter, keeping the most comfortable temperature in our homes has been an ongoing quest.
As technology advances are made, the methods for heating and cooling our homes evolves. One of those advances has been the introduction of heat pumps as a way to heat and cool homes. This method is proving to be a much more efficient, much less costly method to remain comfortable year round.

What is a heat pump?
In the most technical terms, it’s a reversible, mechanical-compression cycle refrigeration system installed outside the home to extract and redistribute existing heat. In everyday terms, it’s an appliance that acts as both an air conditioner and a furnace. In the winter, heat is drawn from the atmosphere and the ground then moved into the home, while in the summer, heat is pulled from the interior and pushed outside. 
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