Healthcare Providers,

Looking for information to share about My Alfond Grant with those you care for? Read on for information, tips and resources for those you know, care for or work with who may have a child with an Alfond Grant.


What's New

We have recently updated our website to allow for visitors to download our resources. These include our resources translated into languages other than English as well as our Tribal resources.

If you need a digital copy of any of our resources, this is the place to go! Of course, we are always happy to send you hard copies of anything you need - email us for more information.

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Number Fun

Did you know that as of October 1, 2021 we have awarded an Alfond Grant to over 126,000 babies. Informing families about their Alfond Grant is a crucial part of our work. We could not do this with out you!

We appreciate you and your hard work!

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How to Help


Hospital birthing units are often the first place that new moms hear about the $500 Alfond Grant. By providing new moms our Congratulations Card and returning the Contact Care, you are making a difference in a child's future.

Many hospitals have found success by having new moms return their contact card before they leave the hospital - it's one less thing they need to think about when the get home with a newborn. Some have found it helpful to have someone from the Alfond Scholarship Foundation provide some information on the Alfond Grant either virtually or in-person.

Feel free to reach out to us at, we are always happy to talk with you about ways we can support you!

Fun Activities to Share

It's not too late to share some fun fall activities with the families you work with. To help families plan some exciting fall activities, we’ve made a list of five of our favorite things to do in Maine in autumn – plus some fun fall crafts to go along with them!

Choose a few or do them all, either way families are sure to have a great time making autumn memories!

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