Greetings YCDC-MDAI Symposium Attendees!


Thank you so much for your interest and enthusiasm in advocating for dyslexics everywhere. You are part of a movement that will no doubt change the lives of those with dyslexia. We were thrilled to hear how much everyone wants to be a part of this movement, and are excited that so many of you are willing to commit yourself to act-on a personal level by supporting an individual and on a broader policy level.


We would also ask you to share with us any actions that you do for dyslexia advocacy, and of course the results of those actions. We will be working on a section of our website where you can report in on your own actions and learn about the advocacy efforts of others, but for now, please email us by clicking here. 


Dyslexia affects 1 in 5 people. It crosses racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic lines. It is persistent and we believe, a major factor in the seemingly recalcitrant achievement gap. You can transform a life. Act now, don't wait. Together we can move forward.







Upcoming YCDC-MDAI Events


Atlanta, Georgia: October 1, 2013

Houston, Texas: November 1, 2013

Oakland, California: November 22, 2013


More details coming soon-check our website in the coming days! 



Dates to come for the following locations:

Washington D.C.

Cleveland, Ohio