Thank you for your incredible support during Youth Justice Awareness Month! During October and November, nearly  400 people  attended events in Holland, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Detroit, Ann Arbor and Flint to learn about Michigan's dangerous practice of prosecuting youth as adults. 
Michigan remains one of only five states that automatically prosecutes 17-year-olds as adults but we can change that! Legislation is currently pending that would raise the age to 18, prohibit all youth from being incarcerated in adult prisons, and much more.
Here's how you can help!
Ask Your Local Elected Officials to Support RTA
Juvenile justice services are delivered at the local level, which is why it's critical to have buy-in from your local government stakeholders. Ask them to show their support by signing onto the Local Elected Official Sign -On Letter or passing a County Resolution.
Call Your Representatives to Ensure Their Support
Lawmakers need to hear directly from constituents in their district. It only takes a minute to call and say,  "I'm calling to urge you to support the Raise the Age legislation, which would stop 17-year-olds from automatically being prosecuted as adults. Do you support legislation to raise the age so that 17-year-olds can access rehabilitative services in the juvenile justice system?"   Click here to find contact information for your senator and representative, and click here for more talking points for your call. 
Join the Raise the Age Coalition
Make sure you and your organization have signed the  Statement of Principles  indicating your support. You can find additional information at 
Again, we thank you for your commitment to reform. This statewide effort would not be possible without your continued support and action!
The Raise the Age Coalition