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January Newsletter
  • Book Bundle Giveaway!
  • 2021 in Review
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  • Request Free Narcan
  • Free Recovery Resources Poster
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December's Giveaway Winners:
-Natalie Patron, GLRC Offender Success
-Curtis LeSage, UPHS EMS/Paramedic
-Adria Lampinen, Phoenix House
Congratulations to Laura Parsons from Great Lakes Recovery Centers for winning December's trivia- she won a $25 gift card for Holiday gas station!

There were only 5 entries for the book bundle giveaway and 3 entries for the trivia in December! Enter to win!
Book Bundle Giveaway!
Enter to win a of copy of A Mind Spread Out on the Ground by Alicia Elliott, a copy of Brene Brown's new Atlas of the Heart: Mapping Meaningful Connection and the Language of Human Experience, and a gift card for a cafe!
2021 in Review
Drug Use
Percentage of adolescents reporting drug use significantly decreased in 2021 across many substances, notably alcohol, cannabis, and vaped nicotine.

MAT in Emergency Departments
Buprenorphine is used to treat Opioid withdrawals in emergency departments, but studies are looking into increased doses of Buprenorphine for extended withdrawal relief. This may help alleviate barriers to follow-up care or getting prescriptions for Medication-Assisted Treatment.
X-Waiver Changes
The requirements practitioners had to fulfill in order to prescribe Buprenorphine changed so that practitioners serving up to 30 clients now forego the training and certification requirements, increasing access to Medication Assisted Treatment
Buprenorphine Misuse Decrease
Data from national survey shows that from 2015-2019, misuse of Buprenorphine has been decreasing, despite the increase of Buprenorphine prescribing
Promising Intervention
The Raising Healthy Children intervention (training for teachers, parents, and children) showed reduced substance use and other risky behaviors in the participants and the children of the participants, providing implications for generational substance abuse problems
Google Map of Mental Health & SUD Providers in the U.P.
This map can be used as a shared resource among Upper Peninsula health care providers and medical professionals.
CE/ CME Courses
Words Matter! Course about stigmatizing language when discussing addiction

Safe opioid prescribing for dental pain and chronic pain

Request Free Narcan
Did you know you can request free Narcan from Michigan Department of Health & Human Services?

Click the image to access a Naloxone Request Form PDF and click the video to see the life-saving impact of Narcan
Free Recovery Resources Poster
One of the projects of the Beyond the Save grant was creating a recovery resources poster to distribute to health care providers and emergency departments across the UP.

We are mailing these posters to anyone who wants them in the Upper Peninsula! Please share with anyone who you think might want to have this poster to share the information.
Win a $25 gift card by answering trivia! Answers will be shared in December's newsletter!
January Trivia
What made you
hopeful during 2021?
Great Lakes Recovery Centers is working with MiREMS, Dial Help, NorthCare Network, Marquette-Alger EMS Medical Control Authority, and our partners - the UP Coalition Network to reduce opioid deaths and overdose across the Upper Peninsula. 
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