April 19, 2017

Thank You 
Jungle Friends Volunteers!  
Our volunteers and supporters are the true strength of Jungle Friends. It is the caring volunteers like you that enable us to rescue and provide a permanent safe haven for monkeys in need.

We are making improvements to our volunteer program so that you, our volunteers, have an even better experience volunteering your time to the monkeys here at Jungle Friends.
At jungle Friends we work from sunup to sundown!
Volunteer shifts are from 7 - 11, 11 - 3 and 3 - 7 every day of the week.
If these hours don't work with your schedule you can schedule a time that suits you (as long as you can schedule at least a 4 hour shift) by calling Debbie at (386) 462-7779
We have over 300 monkeys
that need volunteers like you!
Volunteers from local Vegan group
Tabling at Gainesville VegFest 
Join the Jungle Friends Team
Let's get this party started!
Let's get this party started!
Take a look at our
Volunteers Photo Album on Facebook

Recently we asked our volunteers to take a short survey so that we could make volunteering at Jungle Friends a great experience.

Thank you for all
of your comments
~ we're listening!

Congratulations to Calvin Fai who participated in our volunteer survey and won the $25 Target Gift card drawing!
Interested in caregiving positions at Jungle Friends? You are in luck! With all the new monkey arrivals, we are in need of several more carestaff! Apply Here!
An amazing non-profit with such touching stories.
The work you do as a volunteer - you feel the impact. ~ Drew
Lots of monkey love!
From all of the monkeys  
and all of the humans 
at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary!

Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary
13915 North State Road 121
Gainesville, FL 32653 
(386) 462-7779
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