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2016 Workshop Participants

Sending You a World of Appreciation!

13th Annual HumanDHS Workshop on
Transforming Humiliation and Violent Conflict

"The Globalization of Dignity"
Columbia University, Teachers College

Dear (Contact First Name),

There are not enough words in the world to thank YOU for making our  13th Annual Workshop on Transforming Humiliation and Violent Conflict an unforgettable event! We are deeply grateful to all of you who were with us -- in person and in spirit! 

Our meeting was filled with lively conversations and creative collaborations, generating a river of ideas in support of "The Globalization of Dignity."  We hope this review of the activities, videos, and photos (now available on our workshop website) will be a resource to you and your efforts throughout the year. 

Our work together is needed now more than ever!

Please Enjoy a Mini-Documentary and Photos from Our Workshop

2016 HumanDHS Workshop Mini-Documentary
2016 HumanDHS Workshop Mini-Documentary created by Mariana Ferraz
We are excited to announce the release of a "mini-documentary" about this year's workshop, beautifully compiled and created by Mariana Ferraz. Mariana captured the mutually dignifying spirit of our community by interviewing some of the many participants who made this and earlier workshops special.

In addition, you will see a sample of fun photos below, with more photos (along with names and descriptions) posted on our  webpage . We deeply appreciate Brandon ScottGabriela SaabMariana FerrazNoriko IshiharaHua-Chu Yen, and others for taking such lovely photos of our time together!

(If you would like to download these photos in high resolution through Dropbox, please click  here . The photos will be removed from Dropbox soon.)

All of us are enormously thankful to Evelin Lindner for working night-and-day on the workshop webpage. If there is anything that needs to be changed or updated, we would love to hear from you. 

Also, i f you missed receiving a gift from Evelin's "circle of loving gifts," she would like to offer you a gift now, namely, the welcome magazines from Dubrovnik, which she put in Dropbox for you.  (Particularly interesting, for instance, "Dubrovnik Republic Abolished Slavery before Many World Powers Did," Welcome Dubrovnik: Dobro Dosli u Dubrovnik, No. 28, 2016, pp. 32 - 33.)

Thank You for "Walking the Talk" of Dignity!

Painting by Ardian Adzanela and his son Andis.
Every year we strive to create a welcoming climate of relational engagement at our meetings, emphasizing the dignifying benefits of conversation and collaboration. This year we exceeded all of our expectations! 

Relational bridge-building is at the  core of our efforts. Ardian Adzanela, who has been with us since our 2010 conference in Istanbul, recently shared this inspirational image. It symbolizes how our community walks the talk of dignity by building robust relational bridges, not only at our workshops and conferences, but also in the world.
Thank You to All Who Contributed Caring Support and Leadership

We celebrate our community's commitment to organizing our events around  shared responsibility, working together to create an enriching atmosphere of collaboration. This workshop would not be possible without the loving support of all who offered their valuable relational and leadership skills. We especially thank this year's wonderful moderators, careholders, dignigardeners, videographers, photographers, and our team of music and movement leaders. See our friends below!

Thank You to Everyone Who Contributed to Our Dynamic Dignilogue Sessions

We know that monological approaches to building knowledge are often useful (e.g., lectures, presentations, and debate), yet this workshop gave us the opportunity to explore conversational ways of developing ideas through thought-provoking dialogue and active collaboration. Our pre-planned and co-created Dignilogue Groups allowed us to bring tough and crucial topics to the table in a new way. They strengthen our capacity to hold a connected perspective as we discuss some of the most urgent concerns of our time. Thanks to all of you for contributing to our excellent collection of videotaped "messages to the world" documenting the creative work of these groups. All of these are available on our  workshop webpage.

Thank You to Our Special Contributors Who Shared Their Inspiring Work!

Ingenuity, resilience, and dedication define the lives of our special contributors at this year's workshop. In particular, we honored  Philip Brown with the  2016 Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies Lifetime Achievement Award, celebrating his years as a brilliant facilitator in our HumanDHS community and as a lifelong leader in the field of social-emotional education around the world. His efforts are a model of the globalization of dignity! 

We are extremely grateful to  Michael Britton, our  Don Klein Memorial Lecturer, who offered us a powerful and moving message to replenish our hearts during these troubling times. Please join us also in applauding  Edna AdanMichael Perlin, and our musicians for making our Public Event so educational and inspirational. Plus, Renée Monrose invited us to her  Face-to-Face  art exhibit at the  Union Theological Seminary. Please see the videos of our special contributors posted on our  workshop webpage.

Thank You for Everything You Do Every Day to Create a World of Dignity!
Finally, thanks to David Yamada for leading us in a closing song that aptly envisions the globalization of dignity, namely, Louis Armstrong's  "What a Wonderful World." May this song continue to resonate in our hearts throughout the year.

Most of all, a world of thanks to YOU for being with us on this lifelong journey to bring dignity into the lives of all people -- which we need if we are to save our planet! 

Sending you an ocean of admiration and gratitude, 

Evelin Lindner, MD, PhDs, Founding President
Linda Hartling, PhD, Director
Tonya Hammer, PhD, Conference Coordinator

P.S. An Ongoing Dignilogue Group in New York to Keep the Spirit Growing!

Inspired by the connections and energy of this workshop, a few members of our HumanDHS community passed around a sign-up sheet collecting the names of anyone interested in meeting throughout the year in New York. To get started, a small group of organizers met and decided to "just do it!" They are calling this initiative:  "DignityNowNYC."

The goal of this ongoing Dignilogue Group is to arrange a series of gatherings, and not set an agenda or format. Michael Brittonone of the initiators, notes, "Our thought is to honor the importance of dignity and humiliation in our work and our lives in ways that draw us all together and to strengthen our shared sense of love, joy, energy, and connection in this world!" 

We hope this group will be a model for the formation of other HumanDHS Dignilogue Groups in the future!

You are warmly invited to a first gathering of this group on Saturday, February 25, 2017, 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM, in upper Manhattan. For further information, contact the group at:  

The organizers include these distinguished members of HumanDHS: Janet Gerson, Gaby Saab, Judit Revesz, Chipamong Chowdury, and Michael Britton.

Please Mark Your Calendars!
14th Annual HumanDHS Workshop on 
Transforming Humiliation and Violent Conflict

"The Nature of Dignity -- The Dignity of Nature"
Thursday - Friday, December 7 - 8, 2017
Teachers College, Columbia University, New York
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