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Halloween Prize Winners!
What a great Halloween / Birthday / Anniversary celebration!

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us. A special thanks for all the birthday wishes, cards, and I even was serenaded by a stage actress!

The winner of our costume contest was the Stellema family.

The winner of the candy guessing contest was Gemma, she guessed 122 and the actual count was 123.

Our 6 x $60 gift card winners have all been contacted. Congratulations to:
  • Danica S.
  • Jonathan T.
  • Danny A.
  • Ian D.
  • Ken C.
  • Cal V.
Time to decorate for Christmas now.
Fundemonium Halloween Staff
Costume drawing winners
Letters to Santa
Megan contacted the Head Elf and is working on a new project for after Halloween.

We will keep you posted about when it is ready.
Ogre Zombie Paint Night
November 13th, 5pm - 8pm
Pick up your kit at Fundemonium and then join our Zoom online meeting to share tips, tricks, and show your work from the safety of your home.

  • Receive an Ogre Zombie figure, paints, brushes, and a palette.
  • New and experienced painters welcomed.
  • Limited to 12 participants so register early.
  • At time of registration provide your email to receive a link for the online video.

$20 per kit. Ages 11+
The Brick Hutt Visits
November 15th, 10am - 2pm
Caleb Raff of The Brick Hutt is planning to visit on Sunday, November 15th.

He will bring a special LEGO prize for everyone who comes. We will also be restocked with a couple of hundred minifigs just in time for Christmas.
P.S. Minifigs make great stocking stuffers.
New Arrivals at Fundemonium!
Games Workshop 40K

Our shipment from the Warp has finally been tracked and found! If you were looking for any of the new Warhammer releases this past Saturday, they've now arrived in store!
More New Puzzles and Restocks

We received many more puzzles from Pomegranate and Vermont Puzzle Company.

Come find The Whole World at Fundemonium.
Play the Shining

All work and no play. Based on Stephen King's best seller novel, it's one vs many in The Shining board game.

Explore the rooms of the Overlook Hotel and gain enough willpower to withstand the evil influences attempting to corrupt you!
DnD Vampires Return!

Experience Barovia with the new Curse of Strahd Revamped campaign!

This collectors edition coffin is split into three parts: the adventure booklet for players, a bestiary featuring all the monsters in the campaign, and a Tarokka Card booklet. Not to mention, full-fledged maps of Barovia, a four panel dungeon-master screen, and most importantly, 12 postcards with which to invite your friends into Strahd's domain and begin your adventure.
Horizon Zero Dawn Game

A semi-cooperative action game set in the Horizon Zero Dawn universe, players choose a hunter and embark on adventures in the wild.

A variety of machines and unexpected events will intercept your progress, and at the end of one long trail, a lethal boss fight.
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