| March 31, 2020
Thank You For Attending!

Thank you for attending our COVID-19 Small Business Forum Webinar Series.

We hope you found the discussions and information provided useful. If you would like to watch a recording of today's webinar or share the recording with someone who might find the information beneficial, please click on the link below.

Also listed on the web page is a link to other helpful small business webinars related to COVID-19.
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Payment Protection Program
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Request for 1:1 Advising
Bixel Exchange is an incubator and SPECIALTY SBDC (at the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce) offering free mentorship and advising for entrepreneurs at every stage and any industry, regardless of whether you’re in tech or not.

How can we help during COVID-19 with our team of paid advisors:
- Supply chain disruption
- Technology plans for setting up remote work stations for employees
- Concerns about cashflow during disruption
- Concerns about credit and finance issues
- Customer engagement