Thank You to Our Super Volunteers
Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham is grateful to the many (many!) attorneys who accepted and successfully completed extended representation pro bono cases for our clients so far this year.

Over the next few weeks, please join us in thanking these attorneys as we share their stories:
Attorney Steven Altmann (Najjar Denaburg) helped a client avoid homelessness by filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on his behalf. The client was laid off from his job and was unable to pay his rent. Since obtaining his discharge from Bankruptcy Court, the client was able to pay his past due rent and is in the process of securing less costly housing. 
Attorney Melanie Atha (Cabaniss, Johnston) helped a woman through her divorce. “Ms. Atha was great,” the client said. “I really appreciated her. The BBVLP is wonderful for what you do. Going through this process saved me the money we did not have. We had been putting this off for a while since we did not have the money. We did not see eye to eye and it was time for it to be over and move on with our lives.”
Attorney Bruce Barze (Barze Taylor Noles) helped a client recover more that $1000 from an apartment complex. The client paid a down payment to secure an apartment but never moved in, nor did she sign a lease. The client asked for her deposit back, but the landlord refused to return the money. Barze helped her recover the money and the client is most grateful.
Attorney Elizabeth Blair helped a client go over her options as it related to filing a Chapter Bankruptcy. After meeting with Elizabeth, the client decided not to file a Chapter 7 and was able to settle her debt with creditors. 
Attorney Pooja Chawla assisted a client through her divorce who could not afford an attorney. “Ms. Chawla was really helpful and good,” the client stated. “We were separated for a long time and were ready to move on.”

Pooja stated, "This sweet couple had to wait so long to file for a divorce they could not afford an attorney."
Attorney Jeff Dummier helped a homeless client with a ticket in Homewood get her fees reduced. Thanks to his advocacy, the client has gone from having outstanding fines to securing a stable job and housing.
Jeff Dummier
Attorney Lily Ann Gathings helped a woman of two small children through her divorce. She is now receiving child support.
Lily Ann Gathings
Attorney Alan Garner helped a man receive his divorce from his long term marriage.
Alan Garner
Attorney Michael Hanle helped a homeless client get his tickets dismissed in the city of Homewood. The client and his wife became homeless and are trying to rebuild their lives. The client needed to get his driver’s license reinstated so he could get full-time employment and qualify for stable housing. With these tickets dismissed, the client can now obtain his license.
Mike Hanle
Attorney Sandy Hooper helped a woman divorce her husband who she found out was married to two other women. Hooper is also helping this women with a foreclosure so she can move on with her life.

Attorney Stephanie Hunter assisted a mother of three, who was the victim of domestic violence, receive sole custody through her divorce. Her spouse had been incarcerated for robbery and the client is most grateful for the help. 
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