RUSH is thankful for all of our Veterans, Service Members, and their Families!
The RUSH Staff is Growing!
Meet Project Manager Shane McCreery
After working in a company where everyone felt “like a number”, new RUSH Marine project manager Shane McCreery sought out RUSH Construction for its reputation of supporting and valuing its staff as people as well as employees.

Always seeking a challenge, McCreery has worked on many different types of projects. “I have learned that the most difficult projects are also the most rewarding. I feel that RUSH Construction is a great fit for me, and I’m excited to help build the Marine division,” says Shane.

Shane’s Favorite Quote: “If I had 6 hours to chop down a tree, I would spend the first 4 hours sharpening the ax.” – Abraham Lincoln

RUSH Marine: Currently working on the Shoreline Stabilization of Area 1, MCSF at Blount Island
RUSH Marine, LLC is currently working on the Shoreline Stabilization of Area 1, MCSF Blount Island project in Jacksonville, Florida. This project includes clearing and grubbing, excavation, security fencing and relocation, steel sheet pile bulkhead wall with tie-back system, geotextile fabric, crushed aggregate road, backfill and compaction, sodding, planting and establishment of trees and other work incidental to project completion.