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May 11, 2018 eBrief
Champions for Justice Kick-off
Champions of Justice Breakfast
Champions of Justice
Champions of Justice Breakfast
Nearly 200 attorneys, judges, and other friends of Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham attended the kick-off breakfast for our Champions for Justice campaign last week.

Thank you to our awesome speakers: Beau Grenier, managing partner Bradley, Melody Eagan , managing partner Lightfoot, Patrick Darby , general counsel Encompass Health, Judge John Carroll , Alan Rogers , Balch, and Jessica Drennan , managing partner Kirk Drennan.

Bradley was the first leadership firm to commit at the Platinum level. Other firms also made their pledges. You can make your commitment by e-mailing Nancy Yarbrough , Executive Director, or any member of the Board of Directors . Click here for the commitment card or here for more information about Champions for Justice .
Thank you to these firms that have already committed:
Donors May2018
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Breakfast of Champions Photos
Free Domestic Violence CLE this Thursday
VLB and YWCA will be hosting a domestic violence CLE from 11:15 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 17th at the Bar Center. Please click here for more info . Click here to register.
Attorneys Needed
This domestic violence victim and mother of a two-year-old needs help through her divorce. She has a pending restraining order against her spouse. I Can Help!
This woman needs help with her divorce. Her spouse is incarcerated for a drug probation violation.   I Can Help!
Please help this abused woman through her divorce. Her spouse is incarcerated for theft and drug probation violations. I Can Help!
This client is seeking a way to care for his terminally ill father. The client has a doctor’s letter stating that the father needs someone to manage his care and assistance with decision making because he is no longer competent.   I Can Help!
This father of three needs help filing bankruptcy due to medical debts he has accumulated caring for his wife and son. The client has his paperwork in order and is ready to file. I Can Help!
Thank You Help Desk Volunteers
Thank You Civil Help Desk Volunteers

Laura Collins (Baker), Alan Garner , Lee Gilmer (White Arnold) (pictured), Julie Goyer, Kendra Johnson , Priscilla Kelley , Glenn Mazer , Honza Prchal (Heninger Garrison), Jason Shamblin (Shunnarah Injury Attorneys), and Jade Sipes (Baker).
Lee Gilmer
Thank You Bankruptcy Help Desk Volunteers

Alan Garner , Steven Altmann (Najjar Denaburg), and Lashanda Willis .
Thank You Homeless Help Desk Volunteers

Ashley Rhea (Maynard), Bowman Givhan (Maynard) (pictured), John Bolus (Maynard), Rusty Dorr (Maynard), Hanson Babington (Maynard), and Jon Tuner .
Thank You Domestic Relations Help Desk Volunteers

April Bauder (Merrell Law), Maura Goodwyn , John Graves , Melinda Guillaume , Kintisha Matthews (pictured), Susan McAlister , John Milledge , and Heather Ward (Maynard).
Kintisha Matthews
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