Please show your appreciation to one or more of these
Missouri legislators who defended the animals during
the 2019 legislative session!
Senator Scott Sifton
(573) 751-0220
Senator Jill Schupp
(573) 751-9762
Senator Lauren Arthur
(573) 751-5282
Senator Mike Cierpiot
(573) 751-1464
Senator Karla May
(573) 751-3599
Senator Jamilah Nasheed
(573) 751-4415
Senator Gina Walsh
(573) 751-2420
Senator Brian Williams
(573) 751-4106
Representative Doug Beck
(573) 751-9472
Representative Deb Lavender
(573) 751-4069
Representative Tracy McCreery
(573) 751-7535
We believe these legislators are deserving of special appreciation for fighting to ensure the humane treatment of animals and especially for standing up to the puppy millers, the cattlemen, and corporate factory farms.

Thanks to their efforts our animal welfare laws were preserved this year in the Missouri General Assembly. Attempts to prohibit the enforcement of the state anti-cruelty statutes, efforts to eliminate local laws protecting animals, and undertakings to eliminate the disposition process for abused and neglected animals, were all thwarted by these dedicated legislators.

Please show them your appreciation!

View all animal related bills in the Missouri Legislature this year
and their final outcome: