September 11, 2015

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Today, September 11, 2015, marks the 14th anniversary of the single largest loss of life from a foreign attack on American soil, ever. In the resultant War on Terror, nearly 7,000 Americans have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our nation.  We encourage you to take a moment today to reflect on the events of that fateful day and to thank a service member for the sacrifices that have been made on our behalf in the years since.

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Hope Born From Tragedy: How September 11 Led to the Foundation of

Today, September 11, 2015, marks the 14th anniversary of the single largest loss of life from a foreign attack on American soil, ever. Almost 3,000 people lost their lives on that Tuesday morning, and almost 7,000 brave Americans have sacrificed everything in the resultant military operations.

Rarely does an event have such wide-reaching and impactful consequences, but no one in our country was able to escape September 11, 2001 unscathed in some way.  In the 14 years since, we have become more acutely aware of our place in the world and of the fact that many people want to cause us harm solely for being American.  We've changed how we view the world and how the world views us.  Ensuring our national security became a national obsession (and for good reason) and saw our military engage in conflicts in two countries, first in Afghanistan, and then in Iraq, in an effort to do just that. In short, September 11 upset the balance of the country in a way not seen in decades. 

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*Image info:, Inc. Founder and Executvie Director Tracy Della Veecchia
Marine Corps News: Marine Staff Sergeant Killed in Training Accident

Last Wednesday, September 2, Marine Staff Sergeant Jonathan Lewis was killed during a training accident in North Carolina.

Lewis, 31, of Virginia, was killed during a fast-rope training accident when the CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter he was in made a hard landing at the Stone Bay training area near Camp Lejeune.

Lewis and all other passengers were still in the helicopter and not on ropes when the accident occurred. Eleven other Marines were injured in the accident.   

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*Image info: Staff Sgt. Jonathan Lewis and his wife Katie at the 2014 Marine Corps Birthday Ball. (image courtesy of the Lewis family)
Gold Star Family Day: Take the Pledge

"Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends." 
--John 15:13 (NIV)

We ask that you light a luminary on Gold Star Family Day. Please pledge your support of this special day and encourage your community to light luminaries, honoring members of all branches of the service, including those who have lost the fight after struggling to reintegrate into civilian life. Our goal is to have as many communities as possible in each state support the families of our fallen heroes. There is power in numbers and together we can show Gold Star families that we are a grateful nation.

Take the Pledge Today!

Individuals and organizations from around the nation are pledging their support to host Gold Star Family Day Luminary Initiative events this September 27.  If you would like to like to join in showing your support, please click here to take the pledge today...

*Image info: Luminaries from the 2014 Columbia, Missouri Luminary Initiative event. 
Marine Corps News: Veterans March for Suicide Awareness

September is National Suicide Prevention Month, and to mark the occasion, two Detroit-area Marines will march for 22 straight hours while carrying 100 lb rucksacks this Saturday, September 12. 

The Marines, Edward Curry and Matthew Limes, have both been personally affected by suicide, which spurred their desire t o raise money for, and awareness of, the veteran suicide "epidemic."

The duration of the march, 22 hours, was chosen to represent the 22 military veterans who commit suicide each day.

*Image info: Marines Edward Curry (left) and Matthew Limes (right) on ABC 7 News, Detroit.
Marine Corps News: 5,000 Marines to Head to Guam

The Navy has recently signed off on a plan to relocate 5,000 Marines and 1,300 family members from Okinawa, Japan to the island of Guam.

The 5,000 Marines and 1,300 family members is a much smaller number than was initially proposed in 2009, when the Marine Corps wanted to send a brigade-sized force of 8,600 Marines, 9,000 family members, and 1,900 government workers to the island.

The relocation is part of of a larger rebalancing of forces in the western Pacific, as the Marine Corps plans to base infantry headquarters, aviation squadrons and logistics support units on Guam. This will also help reduce the American military presence on Okinawa, which some Japanese view as "burdensome" according to the  Marine Corps Times.

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*Image info:  Anderson Air Force Base, Guam, Anderson Air Force Base, Guam, Guam - Staff Sgt. Owen I. Wood leads his Marines in a raid April 8 during final field exercises on Andersen South during Exercise Guahan Shield. (USMC photo by Lance Cpl. Pete Sanders)
This Week in Marine Corps History: Marines Attacked in Lebanon

Thirty-two years ago this week, on September 6 1983, two Marines were killed and a further two were wounded when rockets hit their compound in Beirut, Lebanon.

Heavy fighting continued for the 24th Marine Amphibious Unit near their positions around the Beirut International Airport, culminating in the militant group Hezbollah bombing the Marine barracks in Beirut the following month.

*Image info: The Marine barracks building in Beirut, Lebanon, prior to the bombing. (USMC photo)
This Week in Marine Corps History: Marine Raiders Strike Guadalcanal
Seventy-one years ago this week, on September 8, 1942, the  1st Raider Battalion and the 1st Parachute Battalion, carried out a successful raid on a Japanese supply base.

The Marines, who were supported by planes from Marine Air Group-23 and two destroyer transports, landed east of the village of Tasimboko, before advancing  west into the rear of Japanese positions.

*Image info:  U.S. Marines rest in a field on Guadalcanal, sometime between August and December, 1942. (image released)
Learning More About the Corps: Marine Corps Oath of Enlistment

The final step of joining the Marine Corps before departing for boot camp or Officer Candidates School is being sworn in by repeating the enlisted or officer Oath.

In the Oath, all new Marines promise to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, adhere to disciplinary standards and accept orders from superiors, and vow to face the Uniform Code of Military Justice should any disputes arise.

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*Image info:  January 12, 2015 Photo Copyright Renee Benson. Used with permission. Omaha, Nebraska.
Meet the Team: Gregory Dunn
Team Marine Parents™ (TMP) is a group of individuals, generally parents, family, and friends of Marines, who participate in athletic events nationwide to support our troops. The mission is to raise funds and awareness of the organization's outreach programs.  Currently, there are over 50 members of Team Marine Parents™ around the country.

This week's TMP featured partic ipant is a Marine supporter from Frederick, Maryland--Gregory Dunn.

While Gregory doesn't have a direct connection to the Marine Corps himself, he has a great respect for those who serve and have served in our armed forces. 

This is Gregory's second year participating in the Marine Corps Marathon as a member of Team Marine Parents to raise money in support of our men and women in uniform. According to Gregory, " I figure the pain that I will go through in 26.2 miles can be used to ease the pain of someone else. "

Thanks for being a part of the team Gregory, and good luck in October!

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