June 3, 2018  
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National Teacher Day-May 8 
Teachers do so much more than educate. They inspire, boost confidence, provide guidance and enable students to fulfill their dreams.  Just about every successful person can point to a teacher who was their inspiration. Join us today and all week to acknowledge the  educators in our lives. TeamQuest wishes all teachers a Happy National Teacher Day!

New Fundraising Ideas
TeamQuest has expanded the use of the fundraising website to include events far beyond endurance races. Branches, schools and individuals can make just about any good idea into a way to raise funds and awareness for all those struggling with dyslexia. In our upcoming editions of this newsletter we will give you some tried and tested ideas that work! Here's one...
Student Art Fundraiser
Ask students to submit artwork for a nominal fee/donation. Post the images on the fundraising page. Share the page using email and social media asking people to vote for their favorite work of art. Each donation equals a "vote". The artwork that gets the most "votes" wins. All artwork can be celebrated on branch and school websites to raise awareness of the IDA mission. 

Wanted: Student Ambassadors 
Calling all students! More than 10 million kids in the US have some form of dyslexia yet it is still misunderstood by many people including your friends, neighbors and even some teacher and school administrators. This is your chance to change how people view dyslexia by designing a Social Media Challenge. Tell us your idea! The deadline to submit your idea is May 31, 2018.

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