ReLeaf Michigan eNewsletter | December 2020
Thank You to Everyone
Who Supported Us This Year!
The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is one of the biggest fundraising days of the year for non-profits like us, and this year it was more important than ever.

Thank you to the many of you who chipped in to support our mission, either on Facebook, through our eNewsletter or our website, or by mailing a check. Every donation means a lot!

Special thanks go out to the employees of our sponsor Priority Health, who made a significant combined donation that will be a big help as we plan our activities for 2021!

Despite these generous efforts, we are still short of our 2020 fundraising goal. If you are able to support us, now is the perfect time to do so. Our work makes Michigan healthier, greener and more sustainable for us and the next generation.
Introducing New Municipal Memberships
ReLeaf Michigan Is Now Offering a New Opportunity for Municipalities
With ReLeaf Michigan's new Municipal Membership, residents receive the opportunity to engage directly with tree experts, access educational resources and better understand why trees are important to their community and a smart investment. For an annual fee, municipalities will receive:

  • "Ask an Arborist" Feature for Residents
  • Dedicated Webpage for Community
  • Educational Resources
  • Annual Presentation / Webinar
  • Tree City Application Assistance
  • Consultation Services Also Available

Contact Melinda Jones to learn more about this program.
Looking Back on a Year Like No Other
Healthy Trees Build Healthy Communities
Trees offer all of us incredible health benefits, some obvious and others less so. Each month we'll be highlighting one way trees improve our health, sponsored by Priority Health.

Greener Play Areas Boost Children's Immune Systems
Trees encourage people to spend more time outside, which has a huge range of benefits. New research in Finland finds that children who play in green spaces rather than gravel playgrounds exhibit improved immune systems within a month "because the children had developed significantly more diverse microbes on their skin and in their guts." Read more

Many more ways trees keep us healthy to come in the future!
Get the Gift that Keeps Giving.
Shop at the ReLeaf Michigan Online Store!
While you're shopping for gifts for your family and friends this season, check out our online store! We still have some of the limited edition Pewabic Tiles available. These tiles were made by Detroit's historic Pewabic Pottery in Detroit specifically for us (the ReLeaf Michigan logo is stamped in the back of the tile). Not only is each tile timeless and a beautiful addition to any home, every purchase helps us plant more trees in Michigan! Order today, so they can arrive in time for the holidays!

In addition to our popular Pewabic Tiles, we also have T-shirts, canvass bags, insulated mugs and stickers. Check back soon - we'll also be listing a number of limited older stock items, including books, vintage shirt designs and more. There is very limited stock of these items, so get them while they're available!

Learn more about the items available by visiting our online store at the link below.
The Big Tree Hunt Is On!
Don't forget - the 15th Biennial Michigan Big Tree Hunt is underway! This statewide hunt for the biggest trees in Michigan is open to everyone.

It's free to participate - just complete the entry form at to submit your tree. 

Looking for a Sponsor: We are currently looking for sponsors to support the costs of this popular family-friendly program. Contact our executive director Melinda Jones to learn how partnering with the Michigan Big Tree Hunt can create positive exposure for your organization.
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