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The Essence of Hermes

Rodney McGillvary


Essence of Hermes started as a pursuit of finding the hidden truth within. My life journey lead me to the study of the ancient art of alchemy about 13 years ago. I belonged to an ancient order called the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. This is where I learned about and was taught this ancient art.

The ancient art of alchemy started in the land of Egypt. It was brought to the Egyptians by the god Thoth, or Thoth the Atlantean. Eventually the Greeks found out about this ancient art through trading with the Egyptians and brought alchemy to their culture. They even had their own god of alchemy, Hermes Trismegistus, or

Hermes thrice great. Legend has it that Hermes published the secret to creating the magnum opus of alchemy, the philosopher's stone, engraved on an emerald tablet. Throughout time many alchemist have translated this emerald tablet, including Issac Newton.

My experience in alchemy have been in utilizing the plant kingdom. This particular process of alchemy is called Spagyrics. The goal is to create a spiritually elevated tincture of any particular plant or root in the vegetable kingdom. To do this you separate the three elements of Mercury, Sulfur and Salt. Mercury being the Spirit of the plant, Sulfur being the Soul of the plant and Salt being the elevated vessel or body of the plant. I purify each element until their fullest potential is reached. I have even seen the volatilized salts of the plant float slightly about the flasks used during the calcination process.

After years of working with the plant kingdom and creating various alchemical tinctures, I decided to delve into perfume making. I've noticed that you can capture the pure scents of the plants by utilizing the same techniques used in creating tinctures. I also found out during my studies of the history of alchemy that Cleopatra was an early alchemist. With this in mind, I decided to resurrect an ancient Egyptian perfume. I collected the appropriate plant, Blue Lotus, as well as a few others and headed into the lab. When I was finished I had the perfect essence of ancient Egypt. The only thing left for me to do was find the perfect vessel to hold the perfect

melody of Egyptian scent.

Egypt has a rich history of perfume making, which goes back thousands of years. They held perfumery to a high regard, and archaeologists have found ancient perfume bottles tucked away inside the tombs of the pharaohs. The Egyptians created these bottles in order to preserve the scents of the precious oils that were used in the mixture of the perfume. They found that the perfume would evaporate if not stored in a proper vessel. These bottles were originally made of stone or alabaster, but in the 4th millennium BCE, the Egyptian bottle makers started using glass. These glass bottles are still being produces today and are made by sticking a piece of molten glass onto one end of a blowpipe and introducing pressurized air into the other end by blowing. With the variety of colored glass that is used in the creation of the bottles, an endless amount of elegant designs can be

produced. They make for a one of a kind vessel to hold the beauty within, which is the essence of Hermes.

Right now I'm the only seller of the Egyptian perfume. I'm experimenting with other scents in-between making herbal tinctures for medicinal purposes.These perfumes have a long shelf life due to me utilizing alcohol as the mercurial element of the plant extraction. My favorite essence so far is Blue Lotus.

I started the journey of finding the perfect vessel. I started speaking to friends of mine in the glass industry and was lead to Cairo, Egypt. This is where I found the perfect glass bottles that are handmade right there in Cairo.

To purchase his perfume, tinctures or Rodney's book: "Seeking the Gold Within:

An Alchemical Explanation of Self"

you can email him at



Dogs Enjoying Pyramid Effects

We have 2 dogs that had different injuries that required vet visits.

First, we have Benson who had 20 stitches in his leg for a cut he had received. We decided to put the pyramid on top of his cage to help promote healing. To our amazement his wounds healed like they were never there!

We have since found out Benson has an extremely rare disease called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which causes his skin to tear extremely easy. So, his everyday life of a puppy playing with his brother causes punctures and cuts which all need stitches. To date he has had over 70 stitches in 7 short months of life.

Since we have had the pyramid on his cage where he sleeps, he has not had to visit the vet once.


Our second dog is Duke. Duke had a mass at the base of his tail. We had taken him to the vet, and he was prescribed internal and topical medication. We used the medication for 2 weeks with no results. After conferring with the vet, a surgery was deemed necessary. We had to schedule the surgery 1 week in advance. During that 1-week time period we started putting the pyramid on top of his crate. In 2 days, the mass completely disappeared. Our vet was absolutely shocked when we called to cancel surgery. The vet had a hard time believing us and asked for a picture to ensure the mass was gone. She stated this didn’t seem possible.

We are happy to say it has never come back.

Deepest Regards,


The picture below is our happy boys enjoying puppy life to the fullest because of what you instilled in us. -Jan and Dan


From Skeptic to Believer


We heard your presentation on Pyramids at a MBS Expo this year. My husband was extremely skeptical regarding metaphysical practices. Thinking the class would be a nutty ordeal. He realized within minutes of listening that his inner consciousness was telling him to open up and absorb what you were sharing. He can now say that was the “old him”….. he has opened up much more since then.

After we left the conference on Saturday he went home and started researching some of the topics you were discussing regarding pyramids. His interest had peaked enough to go back on Sunday. At that time, we chose to purchase a copper pyramid.

He started using the pyramid to meditate and he felt that it turned on a switch to his inner soul…..He then decided to be daring and use the pyramid on his head outside during a full moon. The results were literally electrifying. :)

He quickly learned that there would be no sleeping for 4 to 5 hours after experiencing the adrenaline shot, he received, and he loved it! He now cannot wait for the next full moons.



Pyramid Dog Bed.jpg

Custom Made Pyramid Dog Beds..

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Book Feature

Pyramids of the Great Architect of the Universe

Secrets of the pyramids and the Keys of the Heavens

Petros M. Petrosyan

The Book Is unique of its Kind and Has No Analog In The World. The second edition of this interesting book contains an extensive amount of changes and new information, which will make a reader understand the theory proposed by the author much better. The book starts with a general history of the pyramids, and then the book goes over the ciphers of pyramids proposed by the author. The book then goes over the general astronomy, and shows schemes of stars, solar systems and galaxies deciphered and obtained from a key geometry. Overall, the book is unique of its kind and is inspired by the passage from the Holy Bible in the New Testament, "...the keys of the kingdom of heaven" Matthew 16:19.