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That's a wrap on the P3 EQUATE Semi-Annual gathering

It was a joy to be together and share our passion and drive to change maternal health care in the U.S. We hope you found the program valuable and rich with learning, sharing, and collaboration.


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What's Next?


Thank you! Many thanks to all who planned, presented, volunteered, and contributed to making the Meeting a success!

Here is some information about what will happen in the coming weeks: 

Sunny BenBelkacem with See in Colors, created beautiful artwork of our meeting journey. We will share versions for input before it is finalized. Many thanks to Sunny!


Coming soon: did you know we had a whole recording studio at the Friday Center on Thursday?! The live recorded maternal health care videos and podcast recordings will be edited and disseminated on our website, social media, and embedded in trainings. Many thanks to Cee Cee, Carson, and Jason at Eafluence for producing our video reels.


Safe travels to all! For those traveling, reimbursement information will be sent separately. If you have questions, concerns, or travel updates, please contact Melodie Hunter.


You can still watch the EQUATE Network Share Back session recordings here.

Melodie and the EQUATE Coordinating Center team will communicate meeting notes and save the dates for upcoming events.


Thank you again for joining us.

We hope you found this experience enriching and valuable.

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Black Maternal Health Week during April 11-17: If you are already in the midst of planning some events, contact [email protected]! We'd love to collaborate and promote!

ESSENCEFEST is July 4–8, 2024 in NOLA. Watch out for some exciting news about our plans to be there!

Black Maternal Mental Health Week on July 19-25 - we'd love to uplift anything you are working on!

Black Breastfeeding Week/ Month in August! Let us know if we can promote or support!

Any other ways our team and network can uplift and elevate your work? Email [email protected].

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Stream the BELIEVE IPE Podcast Episode!

In this episode of the Maternal Health Innovation Podcast, hosts Alison Stuebe and Kimberly D. Harper are exploring the groundbreaking work of the BELIEVE Project. Joined by Kimberly C. Harper and Janiya Williams, they delve into how the project is revolutionizing maternal care in the United States. Discover how the BELIEVE Project's innovative escape room approach, cultural sensitivity, and diverse perspectives are bridging healthcare disparities and transforming the maternal health landscape.

Click to listen to the BELIEVE podcast - or stream anywhere you listen to podcasts!

The BELIEVE Team is working with mothers, birthing people and healthcare workers to learn how collaboration can help us to work together better. We want to make healthcare workers and healthcare systems safer and build trust between birthing people and healthcare workers. We want to understand how these complicated problems in the health system harm pregnant people and healthcare workers and we want to help fix them. 

The goal of all this work is to make the healthcare system better so that every birthing person and healthcare worker is treated with respect and care. Learn more and get involved:

This Work Was Supported by American Heart Association Grant 22HERNPM1990570 / BELIEVE IPE / 2023.

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