Melges Performance Sailboats works closely with sailing programs, offering the best deals for any of your sailing school and club boats. Get your fleet up to speed with parts, line and sails from Melges and North Sails Zenda. Take advantage of special fleet pricing on the Melges 14.

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Designed by Reichel/Pugh, the Melges 14 is a durable, modern, fun new boat from Melges. With its open self-bailing cockpit, easy to rig sail plan and strong build quality, the Melges 14 is a great option for teaching sailing and racing. The open, large cockpit allows the boat to be sailed with multiple people. Three different sail plans allow a wide variety of weights and skill levels to be successful. Fleet pricing is available.

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The MELGES SAILING PROGRAM DISCOUNT is 10% off all parts and line for Sailing Programs. Reach out to the Melges Team to activate.
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