Thank You for Your Support of the
$20K Match Grant
for New Families....Spread the Word
Dear PANDAS-PANS-BGE Families,

Thank you again for your donations to "reseed" our Seed Money Grant Fund for 2021. We look forward to funding new research opportunities.

2020 has had some truly challenging days, but it is on the way out and we look forward to New Horizons in 2021 along with you. The resilience of our families and practitioners are indeed noble and respect worthy, particularly in this underrecognized illness. Your stories touch and overwhelm us at times on the Pandas Network board. To that end in 2021 we will strive to highlight, in an expanded way, our families, individual patients, and brave practitioners struggles and triumphs. Rest assured, we are making improvements to our newsletter, platform and messaging on research in 2021. Thank you for your trust.

Below are highlights of two new treatment studies. SPREAD THE WORD! Please pass these new opportunities for treatment on to new families.

If you haven't had the opportunity to donate, tomorrow is one more day to do so in fiscal year 2020. For all who have donated, thank you again.


Please stay safe and we appreciate your support of PANDAS Network.

The PANDAS Network Board of Directors

Young people ages 6-17 are eligible to participate.

Acute onset of PANDAS or PANS within 6 months or relapsing remitting course within one year of screening for the study (read study for details).

Read about this opportunity for 90+ participants in the U.S.
And the tremendous efforts of the University of Arizona, the PACE Foundation & Octapharma.
For more information contact:
Contact: Mikaela Raymond 866-337-1868

TRIAL of NAPROXEN for the Treatment of OCD in Children with PANDAS

This trial will run 8 weeks in total.

Young people ages 6 to 15 years old.

PANDAS onset within the previous 18 months.

Read about this opportunity for 70 participants at the Massachusetts General Hospital.
Research conducted by Dr. Kyle Williams, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist.
For more information contact:
Contact: Sarah O'Dor, PhD 617-643-6688
Listen to This Song by Lauren Daigle About the Bravery of Love Especially During Uncertain Times!

You're Amazing Families & Have Much to Teach This World!