Thank you so much for attending, supporting and following our Advocacy Training this past Saturday!

We hoped it would be a great success and were amazed to see the level of enthusiasm and commitment of participants to use their newly minted advocacy skills in ways that has
exceeded our expectations!

As you can see by following #phillyhealthadvocacyskills  hashtag on Twitter,  participants vowed to take action in the next 100 days
in very powerful ways, including: 

Writing a letter to representatives about ACA's community impact;  
Hosting a phone banking event for Drexel students;
Writing two LTEs; Volunteering with an organization to help protect the ACA; Submitting a letter to the editor about climate justice; Working towards fixing the mistreatment of folks in the emergency department; Working to give asylum seekers their day in court;
and very importantly, folks left our training,
"Feeling a little less hopeless and ready to stand up for health!"
PSR-Philadelphia - Climate Change Fact Series

Fact 5. The earth's climate has a history of fluctuation. Although fluctuations in the climate of earth’s atmosphere are not new, the recent increased warming of the earth’s climate is observed to be in sync with human factors...

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Please consider providing a comment (here) to the 
Environmental Impact Statement to the Army Corps
in regard to the  proposed  Dakota Access Pipeline.

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  updates, please visit our website
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