March 13, 2020

Dear BB&N Community:

I write today to simply say thank you!! This has been a challenging week for all of us. Yet, through it all, our community was amazing. From the numerous families who put the needs of BB&N above their own, to the students who worked diligently all week, to the faculty and staff who taught all week while also preparing for a possible delay in our return, to our technology team who worked tirelessly to prepare our entire organization to operate remotely, to our leadership team who maintained a steady hand throughout, to our families who trusted us and supported us, this was a week that makes me so proud to be a member of this incredible community. 

I hope you have a relaxing and safe spring break. Please know that all of our buildings will be completely shut for the next two weeks. I will reach out by next Friday, March 20th with any updates about our plans for after break.  

Be well and thank you for everything!!!


Jennifer Price
Head of School