It has been a tumultuous year. Congressional attempts to take health care away from tens of millions have succeeded. Federal regulations that protected our environment and thwarted discrimination have been cast aside. And nationalism and racism are visibly ravaging our communities.

Amidst it all, thanks to people like youwe have the super hero strength, and the guts, to partner with our clients to find creative solutions in the face of impenetrable adversity. 

Ben Geffen and Client
Staff attorney Ben Geffen and 6th district petitioner Tom Rentschler
We are helping Pennsylvania voters take back their right to a representative democracy. Just last week, trial in our lawsuit against the gerrymandered U.S. Congressional map wrapped up. We are proud of the strong case we presented proving the map was manipulated to guarantee a 13-5 Republican seat majority. We look forward to receiving the Commonwealth Court's opinion by the end of the year and heading to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to argue for the map to be redrawn in time for the 2018 election.

Fair Funding
School funding rally
We are partnering with families and school districts to continue the critical fight for full and fair funding for our children. This fall, we secured a sweeping decision from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court declaring that the education of our children is so important that we cannot leave it to the legislature and the courts can intervene. We are preparing for a trial in 2018.

Woman standing on street
Housing Client Cassandra Baker
We are supporting low-income renters in stepping out and advocating for increased access to lawyers and enforcement of city laws regarding housing quality. Through class action lawsuits against landlords and their lawyers for disregarding rental laws, we are working to ensure landlords, their agents and the courts, enforce the law. 

Federal Detention Center Client
Federal Detention Center client

We are assisting pre-trial detainees at the  Federal Detention Center of Philadelphia challenge the prison's restrictive visitation policyThe policy is stopping detainees from seeing their children for months and even years while awaiting trial. And, it is more restrictive for pre-trial detainees than for sentenced inmates. 

All of this work and so much more is only possible with your support.

Now is the time to help us and our clients continue our relentless pursuit of justice. Put your skin in the game. Invest in this work. 

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Onward to 2018!

Jennifer R. Clarke
Executive Director

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